Thursday, November 10, 2016

Post-Election Thoughts

I've refrained from getting involved in any discussions about the election on social media. But I do have a few thoughts post-election that I wanted to sort through. Let me preface my thoughts by saying that I didn't vote for Trump or Clinton. I also don't much care for politics so there won't be any in depth analysis going on here, just a few personal reflections.

First, I'm seeing a lot of my democrat/liberal friends sharing a post thanking President Obama for eight years of classy service without scandals, mistresses, or impeachment hearings. Many of these same people were in favor of a Hillary Clinton presidency. This strikes me as extremely ironic given that they essentially just criticized the negative aspects of Bill Clinton's presidency. Considering that Hillary has been under federal investigation during her campaign, and the sheer volume of scandals that have surrounded her political career; her behavior doesn't seem much different than her husband's. For this reason, it seems hypocritical and illogical to praise Obama for his conduct as president, and then turn around and voice support for another Clinton presidency.
This post also implies that scandals, mistresses, and impeachments are common for U.S. presidents. This isn't true at all. I remember Ronald Reagan when I was a kid, and with the exception of Bill Clinton, all of the presidents in my lifetime have served the office honorably.

It has been interesting to witness the obvious liberal media bias throughout this entire process. The big news outlets, talk shows, and radio programs all seemed to condemn Trump at every opportunity, while glossing over Hillary Clinton's many offenses. They set her up as the only viable option for rational thinking people, and indicated that only crazy, bigoted people could support Trump.
Now that Trump has won the presidency, (an outcome that not one news agency predicted,) their liberal bias has continued. Clinton supporters have taken to the streets by the hundreds to protest the impending Trump presidency. In some cases they have even turned violent and destructive. I haven't seen any media outlets condemning these protests. In fact much of the coverage seems to be sympathetic to their concerns. If these same events had taken place by Trump supporters as a result of a Clinton win, you can be sure that the media would be outraged by these riots that demonstrate the hate and bigotry that Trump represents. I see in these pro-Clinton protesters all the hate, bigotry, disrespect, and depravity that has been ascribed to Trump and his supporters throughout the presidential race. Flag burning, hateful language, destroying Trump effigies, inciting vandalism and violence, these things are not acceptable regardless of your political position.  My takeaway from these events is that there are hateful bigoted people on both sides, just as there are intelligent loving people on both sides. It does no good to vilify an entire party based on the actions of a few radicals. The lessons I have learned from the obvious media bias is that people need to think for themselves more. If you find yourself accepting every viewpoint and piece of information that the media presents, it is probably a sign that you are too easily influenced, and your perceptions of the world are not founded in reality.

I am really surprised by how upset people are that their chosen candidate did not win. People seem genuinely afraid that their way of life is going to dramatically change under a different president than they would have chosen. Is it possible that this fear is due to them allowing the government too much involvement in their lives? It seems to me that the less control and involvement the government has over a person's life, the less impacted they would be by the regular change in leadership. However, if someone allows the government to control virtually every aspect of their life, a presidential change represents a huge amount of risk and uncertainty. This is a testament to me that minimal government is the healthiest option for all people.

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