Sunday, August 26, 2012

Memorial Day Activities

(I know this is super late, but better late than never I suppose...)

I had a great Memorial Day weekend this year!

It all started Friday after work.  My dad picked me up because my car was in the shop getting a new radiator. The previous radiator pretty much exploded.
Seriously, it was blowing antifreeze all over the engine compartment!
This allowed me to have a nice pizza dinner with my family.

The shop had called earlier and said that my car probably wouldn't be ready by the end of the day, so I was all prepared to not have a car at all over the weekend.
During dinner, at 6:45, I got a call back saying that it was ready for me to pick up!
Normally the shop closes at 6:00, so I think they stayed late so I could have my car for the long weekend.
I was extremely grateful!

Saturday was really good.
It had been quite a while since I had had a whole day free of plans, so Saturday I made the most of it by not doing much at all.
I stayed in my pajamas until about 6pm.
I spent most of the day reading.
I really wanted to finish the book I was in the middle of.
I watched a movie, went to dinner with some friends, and then got some things done around the house. It was a pretty relaxing day.

Sunday I was busy doing my normal church/meetings stuff.  I read some more, and then stayed up way too late listening to music, and playing a movie trivia game with friends. I rock at movie trivia! It was a good day.

Monday was the best day though.
In the morning (not too early) I went hiking with the same group of movie trivia friends from the night before.  We hiked up to Elephant rock in Mueller Park Canyon. I believe it was six miles round trip.  It was a perfect day, and a great hike, mostly in the shade, and not too strenuous. Just a pleasant walk through the hills.
After the hike, I met up with my Mom and brother and we planted flowers at my Grandma's house.
This is a regular summer event for us.
Following the flowers, we went to my Mom's aunt's house for a pool party/BBQ. It was fun being with the extended family for a little while.
Last of all, I finally went to see The Avengers!
It was actually pretty good. I liked it more than I thought I would. It was totally over the top, and definitely mindless entertainment, but as far as that category goes, it was very good. I would give it three stars out of five.

Now it's picture time!

The path of the pipeline. 

Elephant Rock. 



This dude was hanging out on the rock with us. 


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