Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brief Update

(This blog post originally began as a comment on another blog. It seemed like a good idea to post it as an actual post on my own blog.)

My summer reading has hit a major bump.
I'm reading The Fountainhead, which is really good, but at over 700 pages, it's considerably longer than most books I read. And I also don't have much reading time anymore. I'm lucky to get through a chapter a day.  Anyway, I am way behind on my reading schedule. After I finish it, I may have to read a bunch of easier books so I can catch up.  This might be a good reason to finally get around to some popular fiction. Maybe The Hunger Games series, or possibly Harry Potter.
I've also been in a bit of a blogging slump. Again, I don't have much time. I keep starting blog posts but not finishing them. One of these days I just need to sit down and bust out like 12 blog posts all in one day. I could easily do it. I have more than that in the works. Part of the problem is that I feel like hardly anyone is reading my blog anymore. Probably because I haven't been writing as often.
Also, I spend all day at work in front of the computer. So when I get home, the last thing I want to do is sit down in front of another computer.  That's part of the reason reading has been difficult. I get home and I want to go do stuff, be outside, be with people. Maybe when winter hits I will feel more inclined to stay inside and read after work.
Also, I've been in a bit of a slump in my personal life. For the most part everything is going well. There's just one area where things didn't go how I wanted them to go, and it's had me down lately. But I'm determined to get back on top and back into my usual good spirits! Maybe finishing up all those blog posts is a good way to start! :)

Hey, this comment might actually make a good blog post to update everyone with...

(Do any of you have any recommendations on how to get back to normal when you are stuck in a rut?)

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Emmy said...

Welcome back, Robby!

I can't exactly suggest what to do about your rut, since I don't know exactly what sort of rut you're stuck in....but I'd suggest just getting out and doing something that you personally find fun. If that means reading, hiking, or even bowling, then go and do it. I've found that if you're happy and at peace with yourself, everything else falls into place.