Friday, July 6, 2012


Lately, I've been a little bit forgetful.
I'm not sure why.
Luckily, my recent dysfunction has lent itself to some mildly amusing situations.

Situation 1:
I go to Church on Sunday.
After church, I get in my car to return home.
I turn on my car, put it in reverse, turn myself around, and back out of my parking spot.
Having successfully back out, I turn back around, ready to proceed in a forwardly direction.
I realize that I forgot to take down my windshield sun reflector.
Vision, totally blocked.

Situation 2:
I go to the gym on Tuesday.
I exercise.
I get all sweaty and gross.
I finish my exercise.
I shower.
Finish showering and turn off the water.
Suddenly realize that I don't have a towel.
Wet. Naked. Dilemma.

Situation 3:
Today I needed a wrench.
I went downstairs intending to go to the garage to retrieve said wrench.
Ended up doing a load of laundry and then coming back upstairs.
Remembered that I forgot to get the wrench, went back downstairs, went into the garage.
Ended up cleaning some things out of my car.
Came back upstairs.
Remembered that I once again had forgotten the wrench.
Went back downstairs to the garage, finally grabbed the wrench.
Three tries just to remember to get a dang wrench!

What the heck is wrong with me?