Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mother's Day Hazards

For Mother's Day this year, I decided to take a journey into the unknown, and purchase...a musical card!

Actually it was a musical/mechanical card depicting cats and dogs singing and dancing.

It was a pretty great card, and my Mom loved it!

Prior to purchasing this card, I failed to properly anticipate its potential hazards.

I'm not talking about paper cuts either...

Perhaps "hazards" is too strong a word.  "Difficulties" may be more appropriate.

The difficulties arose when I got the musical card home, and attempted to write the customary personal message inside.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to compose and write a personal message while cats and dogs are singing and dancing in front of your face?!

It is incredibly difficult!

Composing the message on the fly was not going to happen. I had to close the card, and decide on what I was going to write, and keep it in mind long enough to actually write it.  Even after I decided on my message, I had to use all of my mental powers to ignore the music and lyrics that were bombarding my ears.  It was incredibly difficult to actually write all the words without messing up!

Also, I had to write those words on a card that was also wiggling and shaking due to the mechanized dance number!

I'm just glad that my message turned out well.

It was quite a feat.

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Emmy said...

Haha; that's hilarious :P I'm glad you were able to make things work out, Robby :)

(Personally, I've always been hesitant to purchase a musical card; it freaks me out when I pick up a folded piece of cardstock and it suddenly starts singing at me!)