Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Passions

Recently I read an outstanding blog post by one of my close friends.
In it, she made a list of her passions in life, to serve as a reminder whenever needed.
I loved it so much, I decided to make my own.

-Reading. There is nothing I love more than the journey of a good book. I love carefully picking out the next book I will read. I love placing my favorite bookmark carefully on the first page. I love the feel of the book in my hands as I progress through the pages. And I love the satisfaction of carefully reading the last words, on the last page.

-Long, honest talks, without fear of judgement, with the very few people in this world that I trust enough to share my most personal thoughts and feelings.

-Movies. I love going to see a really great film and then being able to talk about it for hours afterwards with somebody awesome. I love watching my favorite films over and over again, and introducing them to friends who have never seen them before.

-Getting dressed up. I love the confidence and self esteem that comes when I put on my best clothes, and am well groomed, and have someplace important to go.

-Sleeping. At the end of the day, when everything has been accomplished, and the day was well spent, I love the reward of slipping into bed, and finally being able to rest.

-Accomplishing something hard. Whether it is speaking in public, or saving for a large purchase, or getting a big project done, it just feels good to know that you did it.

-Bookstores. I really like perusing the shelves in search of new treasures and delights. I have to be careful in bookstores because it is easy for me to stay for hours.

-Watching my library grow. Whether it is books or movies, I love adding new items to my shelves, and being able to relive the memories of each one by studying my shelves from time to time.

-Clean and tidy living conditions. This doesn't happen very often, because my room is often messy, but I love the sense of peace that comes from having everything where it belongs, with no excess lying around.

-The thrill of finally seeing a long anticipated film. I am definitely an attendee at midnight showings.

-Calm, relaxing, evenings. I've never been much of a morning person, but I do love the evenings and nights when I can calm down, relax, and be free to stay up, or go to bed as I please. Nights are calm and peaceful for me.

-Long, hot showers after missing a few days. Sometimes it is camping, sometimes it is due to illness, sometimes it is laziness. It just feels so good to get clean after you haven't been able to for a few days.

-Being appreciated. I can't think of anything that feels better than doing something nice for a person, just because you want to, and them telling you how much it means to them.

-Bike rides. Riding around town on a nice summer's day and taking the time to look at the houses and sights, and smell the good summer smells, and feel the summer breeze.

-Going for a long, slow drive on a dark and stormy night, when there are no other cars on the road. I really like driving in the snow and the rain.

-Traveling to someplace new, or revisiting a favorite place, and spending time seeing all the sights.

-Museums, galleries, exhibits, lectures, performances. I love getting out and experiencing culture.

-Getting invited to something by a friend. Just the thought that I am wanted, that my presence is desired, that people like me and enjoy being around me, can cure whatever ails me.

-Eye contact and a smile. It doesn't matter who it is from, it is just nice to know that someone is happy and is trying to be friendly.

-Pizza. I pretty much love it all, and it always makes my day better.

-Cream Soda. I am kind of a cream soda snob. I definitely have a few favorites, and a long list of sodas that aren't to my liking. I also love trying new cream sodas to see if they get my seal of approval.

-Lying on the floor. I don't know why, but sometimes a nap on the floor is so much better than sleeping in bed.

-Exercising. Feeling like I've done something good for my body.

-Fine things. Whether it is razors, cuff links, watches, clothes, or anything else, I just like quality things that are made to last.

-Cool cars. Why? Because I'm a dude.

-Great photos. I took several photography classes in High School. Although I never became a really awesome photographer, I still love seeing really great photos from other talented people.

-Music. I don't play anything, and I don't sing very well, but I love listening to good music.


Hillary said...

It feels good to write these up, huh?

Levi Dean (Lord Wheezy) said...

I believe you missed paintball...