Monday, January 9, 2012

Before Age 30...

Recently I turned 29.  :(

I decided that I would set some goals for things to accomplish before age 30.

12 months = 12 goals.

I would like to do the following things:

1. Move out!
2. Pay off my student loans and be totally debt free!
3. Do a triathlon.
4. Run a half marathon.
5. Travel internationally.
6. Get my motorcycle endorsement.
7. Buy a decent road bike
8. Run across the golden gate bridge.
9. Buy another gun!
10. Take a cooking class!
11. Obtain a permanent position at work.
12. Get my weight back down to 160.

I think I will scratch these off as I accomplish them, so feel free to check back periodically.

*I reserve the right to alter these goals if some of them prove to be unrealistic.


Emmy said...

If you want to make this post easily accessible from your homepage, you could always make it it's own blog page and post it in your sidebar? That's what I did for my LXG Reading Challenge (which I actually need to get back to....)

Robin said...

These are really good goals. I hope you get to do all of them.