Friday, January 13, 2012


Thanksgiving morning I ran my first 10k!

My brother talked me into it about a week before.

I only went running twice in preparation, and both times I realized just how out of shape I am!

For my two training runs I ran 3 miles each, and both times I was really struggling.

This was an unusual experience for me. I've never had trouble running that distance before.  My legs just couldn't take it. They got all numb and weak. It's really weird.

I was pretty nervous for the actual run, but somehow the 10k distance was much easier for me than either of those two 3 mile runs.  I don't get it...

Anyway...I finished in 1:04:something.  Not great, but not bad considering it was my first one and I hadn't really trained at all.

Note: I don't really like this picture. It makes me think that I am kind of an ugly dude.
I need to drop those pesky 15 pounds, lose the glasses, get a haircut, and not wear that awful green t-shirt anymore.


Emmy said...

Great job, Robby! :)

Chess said...

Way to go!! Running is awesome!

Erica said...

Robby, you crack me up!!!!! Congrats on the race. And the green t-shirt really isn't so bad.