Monday, October 10, 2011

My Poor Old Phone...

I've had this phone for about four years now.

That's a long time.

That's a really long time!

If you convert that number into phone years, my phone would be approximately 140 years old.

Seriously...I checked.

In that time it has been a great phone.  Unfortunately it is getting tired and starting to show its age.

For example...
-It can't send photos without wigging-out and shutting itself down. It doesn't do much better at receiving photos either.
-It's battery is nearly done for.  It will only last all day if I don't use it much. Ongoing text conversations will kill it in about half a day, and actual talking will drain it in about an hour.
-The battery cover doesn't want to stay on anymore.
-One of the buttons sticks a bit.
-It's rubberized finish has almost completely peeled off.
-It has various scratches, dings, and cracks.
-But worst of all, it shuts itself off at seemingly random times; sometimes as much as three times per day.  This is pretty annoying when you are waiting for a call/text, or are using your phone as your alarm clock.

Despite its many problems of late, I have really liked this phone!  I've never lost any of my contacts or data, the calendar is really useful, I like the notes feature, and it takes ok photos on the rare occasion that I use its camera.  I also like that I can plug it into my computer and backup everything.  The MicroSD card thing is cool too.

This is definitely the best phone I have ever owned, but I can't ignore that it is due for retirement.

Good thing I have a new one on the way...

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The Hopeless Romantic said...

I've had my phone for nearly two years. The battery is starting to die faster. Sorry about your phone and have fun with your new one.