Sunday, September 4, 2011

NPR's Take on Die Hard

In case you didn't already know, one of my favorite films is Die Hard.

Let me begin by making one thing clear: I am not an action movie junkie!  In fact, I typically detest the formulaic action films that have been plaguing our theaters for far too long.

Die Hard is special.  Die Hard is unique. Die Hard hails from an era where the characters were real and the action was pure and plot driven.  By comparison, today's action movies are flat and contrived and driven by over-amplified effects.

I honestly feel that Die Hard is an excellent film with incredible merit and value.  A classic in every sense of the word.

For this reason, I was delighted to read an article from NPR that describes incredibly well what makes it such an impressive film.

Here is a link to this amazing article for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

P.S. I would really like some Die Hard related comments. :)


Robin said...

Remember how I slept through that whole movie, and woke up at the end and said "so what happened"? Sorry! :)

Mr. and Mrs. James said...

I have always loved Die Hard too! ("Too" as in 'also', not as in "2"). It's my family's Christmas movie!

Anonymous said...

LOL, it's not Christmas without watching John McClane walk barefoot on some crushed glass and kill the baddies. No, seriously - you've gotta watch the first two each year :)

Thanks for the link - saw it on NPR the day it posted and had a heart attack.

Bruce Willis + Die Hard = Awesome.