Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fourth of July in Review

This year I had a particularly awesome Fourth of July!

Robin and I started out the day by running in the Murray City 5K.
This was my second 5K, and Robin's first.
We decided to run together, which made it a lot of fun.
Also, by total chance we literally ran past my good friend Kendra and her new husband Eric.  They were sitting on the sidelines watching the runners.  It was really fun having someone cheer for us. :)

We finished in 33 minutes, 40 seconds.  Not bad.

Following the race, we had pancakes at the park, courtesy of the Lions Club.
They were delicious.

Next, the adventure continued with ROCK CLIMBING!
We met up with Dave and Meagan and some of their friends down in Provo.
Robin did so well!
It was her first time climbing outdoors, and really her first time doing real climbing with a harness and rope.
She got to the top of the climbs with no problems!
I think she might be a natural.

After rock climbing, we got cleaned up and then had a barbecue with my family.
It was really fun...and delicious!

Finally, we finished out the day with...

wait for it...


The show was shorter than I remember, but really fun to watch.

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Robin said...

Definitely a fun and memorable 4th of July! :)