Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

I liked this movie quite a lot.  More than I was expecting to, actually.
I always read film reviews, and The Adjustment Bureau was getting a mixed reception.
With this in mind, I was very pleasantly surprised.

I thought that Matt Damon and Emily Blunt were incredibly good together and had excellent chemistry.  I would like to see them together in more films.
I would even say that it is worth watching just so you can see their performances.

I thought that the plot concept was interesting, although a bit cheesy at times. It did make for a reasonably thought provoking film which was very fun to watch, so I'm not complaining at all.

One of the cool things that I didn't know going in, was that the film is based on a short story called Adjustment Team, by Philip K. Dick. In case you are not familiar with this author, he wrote Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which is the original story behind one of the most famous science fiction films of all time, Blade Runner.

The film was especially fun to watch having recently visited New York.  The entire film takes place in New York City and prominently features many well known buildings and landmarks.
If you have been to New York City, I think you will enjoy seeing many of the places you probably visited, shown in the film.

I don't think The Adjustment Bureau will be winning any big awards anytime soon, but it is pretty fun, fairly interesting, and displays some excellent performances.  I would give it 4 stars out of 5.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen "The Adjustment Of Bureau" yet. but I like "Matt Damon"
very much by his acting in "Good Shepherd"..