Thursday, May 12, 2011

Top Ten: Josh Pyke Songs

The last few months I've been introduced to a lot of new bands. Some of them actually are new, others have been around for a while but are new to me.

I've liked most of them quite a lot, but one artist in particular has stood out as my favorite.

Josh Pyke.

It seems like in this current wave of popular "Indie" music, Josh Pyke would fit right in, but hardly anyone seems to know who he is. I'm hoping to correct this oversight, if only on a small scale.

He is an Australian artist that has several albums already, so he has an impressive volume of great music!

So for my "Top Ten" post today, I thought I would share with you my ten favorite Josh Pyke songs. It was really hard to narrow his songs down to only ten favorites, he has so many good ones!

These are in no particular order, but they are all good.

Please, sit back, relax, listen, and enjoy.

10. The Summer (This one gets a little repetitive, but it is a great song with a really nice sound.)

9. Vibrations in Air (I don't have much to say about this song, I just like it a lot.)

8. Fed and Watered (For all you irony loving folks out there, this one is full of it!)

7. Goldmines (This one has a bit of language near the end, but the song is otherwise excellent. Also, the video with this one isn't an official video, it just has the best quality version of the song.)

6. Make You Happy (I dare you to not be happy after listening to "Make You Happy"!)

5. Lines on Palms (This one just has a great toe-tapping, head bobbing sound to it. Listen and see!)

4. Sew My Name (Warning: This song is so amazing it will certainly become stuck in your head.)

3. The Lighthouse Song (This one has a little language, but it is such a sweet song that I never even noticed until recently.)

2. Memories and Dust (This song is just amazing. I love it!)

1. Don't Wanna Let You Down (Possibly one of the most wonderfully sentimental songs of all time!)

(Honorable mentions go out to Feeding the Wolves, Forever Song, Where Two Oceans Meet, and Private Education.)

There! Wasn't that awesome?

The answer is YES!

Now that you have been introduced to Josh Pyke I'm sure your musical life will never be the same again.

You're welcome.


Robin said...

Josh Pyke is rad! All these songs are great. My other favorites are "Covers are Thrown," "Buttons," and "Candle in Your Window." :)

Chess said...

I watched the "Make You Happy" song. It's nice and that guitar boat was way cool.

Anonymous said...

Josh Pyke is amazing...
But my favorite song has to be middle of the hill and the lighthouse song