Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top 10 Misspelled ME!

I like to write, and usually I am pretty good at spelling too. I still need to work on grammar a bit, but I think I generally do pretty well. That being said, I don't think I could ever survive in a non-word-processor environment. I am too dependent on that little red squiggle that lets me know when I've done something wrong.
For a little while now I've been keeping an informal list of words that I just can't seem to get right. Here is my Top Ten:

1. Embarrassed - I can never remember if it has two r's, two s's, or both. Turns out it's both.
2. Restaurant - I get mixed up on where the "au" part goes. Is it before or after the r?
3. Gorgeous - For some reason I always spell it gorgious, which is very wrong.
4. Questionnaire - It is difficult to remember if it has two n's or two r's.  I need to just think of it as "question" followed by "naire".  Question-naire, questionnaire.  There, I've got it now!
5. Permanent - Every dang time I put "ant" at the end instead of "ent"!
6. Occasion - Occaision? Nope.
7. Nervous - Unlike the others, I actually know exactly how to spell this one, but for some reason, whenever I type it, it comes out as nervious...I don't know why. It must be some weird muscle memory thing.
8. Hilarious - It's hilarious that I always spell "hilarious" as "hillarious" with two l's.
9. Hygiene - I always want to spell it as "Hygene", which totally looks right to me! At least my actual hygiene is better than my spelling of it.
10.Privileges - This one always trips me up! I usually start by typing "priviledges" and then go through several spelling variations before arriving at "privileges". I need to train myself that there is no "d"!  Say it with me. "There is no d in privileges. There is no d in privileges..."


Robin said...

I have a hard time with "embarrassed" too, I always type just one "r". I always second guess myself with "receive" too.

wilybrunette said...

i can't ever spell tomorrow or ridiculous.

Erica said...

nauseous is my word. I can NEVER spell it right.

Mr. and Mrs. James said...

"License" or "Lisence" for me! I really wish people would correct me when they see me misspell on facebook or wherever.

Robby Spratt said...

Ha ha! It's fun to hear the words people struggle with. I have issues with those words too. I can spell tomorrow just fine...except on my phone! For some reason I can't get it to work with my dang predictive text.