Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dot Dot Dot

How have I not blogged about this yet?

This is one of my most favorite new internet videos!

It's pretty dang hilarious, and it has added new words to my vocabulary.  I quote it all the time now.

What is it?

It is a dramatic reading of a video game review written by some kid.

It is awesome! Trust me.

Watch and laugh my and laugh...

P.S. I am fully aware that the ellipsis (...) is one of the most overused punctuation marks on my blog. What can I say? I like to pause for effect!

Coast to Coast!

We got  back from New York late Wednesday night.


Seriously this was one of the best trips I have ever been on!

I loved pretty much everything about it, and now I can't wait to go back.

Oh, and pictures? Yeah, I took a lot of them. 599 to be exact.

I will be doing a five-part blog series outlining the highlights of our adventure!

I really hope you will check it out.


So what's this coast to coast business?

Well, as I said, we got back from the east coast on Wednesday.  I was home Thursday, and then Friday I was off on another jet plane to California!

This was just a brief trip for work though; I was there less than a day. Really only about seven hours.  But it was really cool to travel so much in one week!

East coast for a few days, home, then west coast another day. It's a tough life...but not really.

I've really enjoyed my recent travels, but I think I would like to be grounded for a little while now so that I can get some things done that I've been putting off.

Friday, May 13, 2011

NYC Here We Come!

Today, Robin, Andrew, and I are heading to the Big Apple!

Andrew and I have never been before, so we are super excited!

Robin is practically a New York expert since she lived there for a summer. Also, her sister lives there, so she visits a lot.

She is going to be our tour guide. :)

Rest assured I will be taking LOTS of pictures.

Au revoir!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Top Ten: Josh Pyke Songs

The last few months I've been introduced to a lot of new bands. Some of them actually are new, others have been around for a while but are new to me.

I've liked most of them quite a lot, but one artist in particular has stood out as my favorite.

Josh Pyke.

It seems like in this current wave of popular "Indie" music, Josh Pyke would fit right in, but hardly anyone seems to know who he is. I'm hoping to correct this oversight, if only on a small scale.

He is an Australian artist that has several albums already, so he has an impressive volume of great music!

So for my "Top Ten" post today, I thought I would share with you my ten favorite Josh Pyke songs. It was really hard to narrow his songs down to only ten favorites, he has so many good ones!

These are in no particular order, but they are all good.

Please, sit back, relax, listen, and enjoy.

10. The Summer (This one gets a little repetitive, but it is a great song with a really nice sound.)

9. Vibrations in Air (I don't have much to say about this song, I just like it a lot.)

8. Fed and Watered (For all you irony loving folks out there, this one is full of it!)

7. Goldmines (This one has a bit of language near the end, but the song is otherwise excellent. Also, the video with this one isn't an official video, it just has the best quality version of the song.)

6. Make You Happy (I dare you to not be happy after listening to "Make You Happy"!)

5. Lines on Palms (This one just has a great toe-tapping, head bobbing sound to it. Listen and see!)

4. Sew My Name (Warning: This song is so amazing it will certainly become stuck in your head.)

3. The Lighthouse Song (This one has a little language, but it is such a sweet song that I never even noticed until recently.)

2. Memories and Dust (This song is just amazing. I love it!)

1. Don't Wanna Let You Down (Possibly one of the most wonderfully sentimental songs of all time!)

(Honorable mentions go out to Feeding the Wolves, Forever Song, Where Two Oceans Meet, and Private Education.)

There! Wasn't that awesome?

The answer is YES!

Now that you have been introduced to Josh Pyke I'm sure your musical life will never be the same again.

You're welcome.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Ultimate Power!

Attention faithful followers, I have an important announcement to make!


Now you  are probably thinking, "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

I will explain.

My paintball team has an online forum that we use to coordinate team business, and discuss everything paintball related. For several years now I have been a moderator on that forum.

Being a moderator was pretty cool since I could edit anyone's posts, and delete stuff at will, but I was still limited. I wanted more power, more control, more privileges! It wasn't enough to merely delete offending posts and correct people's heinous abuse of the English language, I wanted to exercise the ultimate internet power and BAN them from our forum forever!

Well friends, the day arrived at last. After YEARS of campaigning, I was finally given Administrator privileges!

So watch out spammers, flammers, and trolls! I will ban you so hard!

"I HAVE THE (banning) POWER!"

P.S. Contrary to popular belief, when He-Man shouts "I HAVE THE POWER!" he is not referring to the power of Gray Skull, he is in fact referring to admin banning power...just like me.

P.P.S. This post is dedicated to Yestedax, the first person I ever banned.

Player Piano

I just finished reading Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut.
2 Stars.
I didn't care for it.
Dull plot with flat characters.
Embarrassingly juvenile and unrealistic dialog.
Unresolved, unsatisfying ending.
I just didn't really like it.
I hope his other stuff is better because I still want to read Slaughterhouse Five.
Some plot elements were similar to his short story Harrison Bergeron, which I really like, but Player Piano had a boring and unrealistic story with a laughable vision of the future.
If you are interested in reading dystopian fiction and are considering reading Player Piano, my suggestion would be to just read 1984, or Fahrenheit 451, again.
Player Piano was his first book, so we should probably cut him a bit of slack, and allow for the possibility of improvement.
If you go to Kurt Vonnegut's Wikipedia article, you can read about how he once graded his own books.
He gave Player Piano a "B".
His two most famous works, Cat's Cradle, and Slaughterhouse Five, were both given "A Plus" ratings.
He obviously thought more of Player Piano than I did, but it is hopeful to see that he didn't consider it one of his better works.
This gives me slightly more confidence as I consider reading more of his stories.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top 10 Misspelled ME!

I like to write, and usually I am pretty good at spelling too. I still need to work on grammar a bit, but I think I generally do pretty well. That being said, I don't think I could ever survive in a non-word-processor environment. I am too dependent on that little red squiggle that lets me know when I've done something wrong.
For a little while now I've been keeping an informal list of words that I just can't seem to get right. Here is my Top Ten:

1. Embarrassed - I can never remember if it has two r's, two s's, or both. Turns out it's both.
2. Restaurant - I get mixed up on where the "au" part goes. Is it before or after the r?
3. Gorgeous - For some reason I always spell it gorgious, which is very wrong.
4. Questionnaire - It is difficult to remember if it has two n's or two r's.  I need to just think of it as "question" followed by "naire".  Question-naire, questionnaire.  There, I've got it now!
5. Permanent - Every dang time I put "ant" at the end instead of "ent"!
6. Occasion - Occaision? Nope.
7. Nervous - Unlike the others, I actually know exactly how to spell this one, but for some reason, whenever I type it, it comes out as nervious...I don't know why. It must be some weird muscle memory thing.
8. Hilarious - It's hilarious that I always spell "hilarious" as "hillarious" with two l's.
9. Hygiene - I always want to spell it as "Hygene", which totally looks right to me! At least my actual hygiene is better than my spelling of it.
10.Privileges - This one always trips me up! I usually start by typing "priviledges" and then go through several spelling variations before arriving at "privileges". I need to train myself that there is no "d"!  Say it with me. "There is no d in privileges. There is no d in privileges..."