Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Guess I Can't Be a Bum Anymore...

The other day I got this thing in the mail.

I looked quite officious.

I opened it up and found a rather thick packet.

Inside, among other things, was this piece of paper.

I got a job!

I start on Monday!

Finally I get to start my career as a mechanical engineer!

I guess my days of being a bum are over. Oh well...

I am actually very excited to start my career.  I've been so focused on finishing school that I hadn't really thought much about the next step.  It feels really good to have a plan for the future, and the promise of income again.  (I haven't worked in over a year and a half.)  I guess it is time to repay those student loans. :)

The other day, when I was talking to Robin about my new job, I had a realization.  I realized that I had been feeling pretty down and depressed for quite a while because I was embarrassed by my situation in life.  Still in school, living at home, no job, 28 years old and single, etc.  For the first time in ages, I feel proud of what I am doing! I now have a degree, have a good job, and can finally move out and become independent!

This is a really good feeling.


Robin said...

I'm really happy for you and glad that you are happy too! :)

Nikki said...

That's awesome!! Congratulations on moving on with your life. :) It's gonna be great!

Emmy said...

So happy for you, Robby :) You'll have to tell us how the first day goes! Good luck! ^_^

Chess said...

Congratulations Robby! That's so great!

Erica said...

I'm super excited about your job Robby!!!!! What all will you be doing? Does that mean that we can have awesome parties at the new giant house (with a pool) that you're going to get!?!?!?!?