Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hey everybody!

Check this out!

It's my name!

On a cubicle!

I have my very own cubicle!

How cool is that?!


Would you like the grand tour?

(Answer: You bet.)

Yes...I thought you might...

Here it is!

I have a nice big wrap-around desk,
a computer with a nice big monitor,
a nice big office chair,
a big fancy phone with my very own extension,
a desk lamp,
a Varian water bottle,
a moustache mug,
a daily crossword puzzle calendar,
my first Engineer's Notebook,
and the project I am working on.

Here's another view.

I have a second office chair,
a small bookshelf with some textbooks on it,
safety glasses (which I have to wear every time I go get office supplies,)
and lots of drawer space.

So what do you think?

Yeah, I know, it's pretty barren at this point.

Give me a break! It was only my first week!

My Dad says I need to figure out how to customize my "geek-o-sphere".

So I am open to suggestions.

How do you think I should jazz up my cubicle?

School memorabilia?
More books?
More papers?

I really need some help here.

Imagine what this could become...

Just to let you know, my first week went great!
I think I will really like this job. :)
I really like everyone I work with, and the projects we work on are really interesting.
Plus it's really cool to work is such a huge place with so many cool things going on!

I will do another post in the future outlining some of the awesome things about the place I work, bur for now I hope you are satisfied with a little peek at where I will be spending the foreseeable future.


Emmy said...

That's so exciting, Robby! :) And of course, it's very important to customise your space so that people can get an idea of who you are and what you're interested in. Pictures of family and friends are always a niceway to start.

On my desk at school, I have Monty Python and Shakespearean Insults desk calandars(might not be appropriate, but a nice desk calandar is always fun). Also, I have a Mr. T bobblehead and an action figure of Oscar Wilde (I guess that's your knick-knacks). Candy of course is also nice, but I recommend you be careful about that....once people know you have candy, you'll be very popular, but that might be an expensive and distracting popularity! :P

Best of luck at the new job :)

Erica said...

That is freaking awesome!!!!! As for decorating.... well I suck at it. Some photos would be nice though. Maybe a dog. or a fish :) lol good luck