Monday, January 3, 2011


The other day at my house we were talking about how fast we could all type.  A few people were boasting of their own abilities, so I challenged them to prove themselves.  I was almost certain that I would be the slowest, since I haven't sought to improve my speed since my high school word processing class.  I was pretty sure that even at my peak of typing abilities, I was only at around 50 WPM.  I thought that now I would be considerably slower.
We found an online WPM testing thingy and began the showcase.
I think the first go-around my brother Andrew got 65 WPM with 20 errors.  I got 69 WPM with 3 errors.  Andrew's girlfriend got 70 WPM with 3 errors, and Richard got 73 WPM with 5 errors.
Robin blew us all away with 95 WPM and ZERO errors!  Her little fingers can move really fast!
Andrew made several more attempts until he finally beat his girlfriend, but none of us could have come close to touching Robin's speed, even with a bajillion attempts.  She is quite the typist.


Emmy said...

Kudos to Robin! I bow to your superior typing skills!

Robin said...

Ha ha! That was fun.