Thursday, January 13, 2011

True Grit

In the past I haven't been much of a fan of westerns, but I must admit; they are rapidly growing on me.

On Christmas Eve I went with Robin and her family to see the new Coen brothers adaptation of True Grit.

I had never seen the original, and I wanted to be prepared, so the night before, I watched the 1969 version featuring John Wayne.

Both films were excellent!

I honestly can't say that I liked one better than the other.  They were both so good.

It was cool seeing them back-to-back because it was very easy to see how they were similar, and how they differed.

I think that they go very well together because some parts of the story are better in the original, and other parts are better in the remake.

I loved both films and would definitely recommend them to anyone, even to those who don't normally like westerns.


Emmy said...

Ahhh....I've been waiting to hear what you had to say about this movie :) I'm glad you liked them both so much-- I still have to watch the original version, but I'm going to make it a point to do so.

Chess said...

I'm not a Western fan either, but I have friends who are good judges of film, and they all loved it, so I think I'll invest the time and money. Eventually. :)

PS. Thanks for your list of movies. You should know that Ladyhawke is one of my very, very favorites since I was much younger. :)

Nikki said...

How can you not like westerns?! They're the epitome of what America stands for! ...Okay, so mostly I just like John Wayne. But I have to agree with you, I enjoyed the remake of True Grit as well even though I didn't really want to see it in the first place.