Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Say "Fever"

Have you guys seen the music video I Say "Fever" by Ramona Falls?
It is creepy and freaky, but also incredibly artistic and awesome.
I love it!

My favorite part is at 3:17.
The Lyrics are pretty cool too!

Before she met me she took herself to wait five years
After I met her, her teacher said "Best wait five years."
I ask my neighbors, they said it's wise to wait five years.

I say "Fever."

I told a friend how I'm feeling and this made her sad
'Cause she fears that no man will ever desire her so bad.
How dare I feel this and do naught but sit on my hands.

I say "Fever."

Hold my heart like a hot potato,
push the clock for an hour later.
This is just code to decipher;
found my ploughman, chased the piper.

That ended up.
That's all now.
These are the ones who talk.
Never a lick--needs her to kiss him.

The first five years go by and we are no longer here.
I blame myself for not taking steps to draw her near.
I try to decide what to do now based on love not fear.

I say "Fever."

I'm not sure that the lyrics are telling the same story as the video, but both are really cool.

To me, the lyrics are describing a situation where a man choses not to pursue a relationship with someone, whom he has strong feelings for, because of the advice and influence of other people.  
When this man finally decides what he wants, it is too late.  Feelings have changed between them.
Now this person regrets his earlier decision to delay, and resolves that, in the future, he will act on love rather than fear.

Life is about learning from our mistakes, and sometimes we need to just follow our hearts and not think about things so much.