Monday, January 10, 2011

BBC Are You For Reals?

The other night I was driving home rather late, and was listening to the BBC news on the radio.  They were doing a story about MIT scientists who were working on a new toothpaste system that would predict the weather.
If it was going to be a cold day you would get mint.  If it was going to be hot, cinnamon.  If it was going to be raining, you got stripes.
Apparently it is an electronically controlled toothpaste dispenser that is hooked up to some sort of weather forecast thingy.  They are trying to integrate technology into people's daily routine.
I couldn't help but wonder if the news report was serious.
Don't scientists have more important things to worry about, such as diseases that need curing, or finding a renewable energy supply, or solving world hunger?  Who cares about toothpaste that can predict the weather?  Just look outside!
At the end of the report they said that MIT's next project involved designing a wallet that became more difficult to open as you ran low on cash.
I could have sworn I was listening to a report from The Onion.


Erica said...

..... mmmm ok then.

Emmy said...

Oooh....I'd hate hot days because I wouldn't want cinnimon toothpaste! :P