Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Say "Fever"

Have you guys seen the music video I Say "Fever" by Ramona Falls?
It is creepy and freaky, but also incredibly artistic and awesome.
I love it!

My favorite part is at 3:17.
The Lyrics are pretty cool too!

Before she met me she took herself to wait five years
After I met her, her teacher said "Best wait five years."
I ask my neighbors, they said it's wise to wait five years.

I say "Fever."

I told a friend how I'm feeling and this made her sad
'Cause she fears that no man will ever desire her so bad.
How dare I feel this and do naught but sit on my hands.

I say "Fever."

Hold my heart like a hot potato,
push the clock for an hour later.
This is just code to decipher;
found my ploughman, chased the piper.

That ended up.
That's all now.
These are the ones who talk.
Never a lick--needs her to kiss him.

The first five years go by and we are no longer here.
I blame myself for not taking steps to draw her near.
I try to decide what to do now based on love not fear.

I say "Fever."

I'm not sure that the lyrics are telling the same story as the video, but both are really cool.

To me, the lyrics are describing a situation where a man choses not to pursue a relationship with someone, whom he has strong feelings for, because of the advice and influence of other people.  
When this man finally decides what he wants, it is too late.  Feelings have changed between them.
Now this person regrets his earlier decision to delay, and resolves that, in the future, he will act on love rather than fear.

Life is about learning from our mistakes, and sometimes we need to just follow our hearts and not think about things so much.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Toy Story 3

Yes, I'm a little behind the times.
I just barely saw Toy Story 3.

What did I think?

Toy Story 3 is a cinematic masterpiece!
It is definitely the best of the three films.

I was moved almost to tears several times.
It was intense, emotional, and fun.
I really loved every minute of it.
This isn't some flat kids movie, this film has real depth and feeling.

I highly recommend it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

True Grit

In the past I haven't been much of a fan of westerns, but I must admit; they are rapidly growing on me.

On Christmas Eve I went with Robin and her family to see the new Coen brothers adaptation of True Grit.

I had never seen the original, and I wanted to be prepared, so the night before, I watched the 1969 version featuring John Wayne.

Both films were excellent!

I honestly can't say that I liked one better than the other.  They were both so good.

It was cool seeing them back-to-back because it was very easy to see how they were similar, and how they differed.

I think that they go very well together because some parts of the story are better in the original, and other parts are better in the remake.

I loved both films and would definitely recommend them to anyone, even to those who don't normally like westerns.

Gingerbread, Arm wrestling, and Lava Pools!

The Saturday before Christmas, I went with Robin to her family's annual gingerbread house making party.

I had never made a gingerbread house before in my life.

It was awesome!

It was so much fun figuring out all the cool stuff we could do with the various candies and treats that people had  brought.  Of course I had to sneak an occasional nibble for myself.  I think that is required.

Robin came up with most of the cool stuff for our house, including the roof and the landscaping.
My contribution was turning a leg-less gingerbread man into a gingerbread man with a pretzel peg-leg and a licorice cane.  I also turned his armless amputee friend into a pretzel-prosthetic waving masterpiece.

Perhaps I should remind you of my personal motto in life: Obnoxiousness at all costs.

Check out our finished house!

Anyway, something amazing happened.

We had the vote for best house, and we tied for first!

It was an intense showdown between Robin and me, and Meg and Kyle.  

They did an awesome abstract gingerbread home that would have made Frank Lloyd Wright proud.
They even had lava pools out front!

We attempted to settle the tie vote by an arm wrestle.  I know you want to see how that went!

Because there was a second tie, we had to do a re-vote just between our two houses.

You know what happened?

We Won!

We came out on top by only one vote. It was very intense.

I think we may have had a sympathy vote or two because of our poor crippled gingerbread men.

The best part though is that Robin now gets to keep the coveted winner's Christmas vest for a whole year!

Good Times!

(I stole most of these photos from Robin's Mom's blog.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've learned something...

1000 piece puzzles are hard!

Robin and I recently assembled one.

It took us two days and a combined total of about 16 hours.

By the end of it we were super tired and sore from leaning over the dang coffee table for so long.

We had fun though.

Check it out!

Neuro What?!

A while ago, Robin and I were at the grocery store getting treats for a little hike we did.
We were looking at bottled water and various sports drinks when we came across a new line of performance drinks that neither of us had ever seen before.

We weren't quite sure what each flavor was, but we did have a good laugh reading all the drink descriptions.  Check these out:

Neuro Bliss: Happiness in every bottle.

Neuro Sleep: every bottle.

Neuro Sonic: Mental Performance in every bottle.
Neuro Trim: A leaner you in every bottle.

Neuro Sport: Replenishment in every bottle.

Everything was well and good until we spied another flavor that caused us to stop and stare in silence for a few seconds before busting up laughing.  This one is my personal favorite:

Neuro Gasm: Passion in every bottle.

Those crazy marketing people...what will they come up with next?

No, we didn't buy any; despite being curious about what a neurogasm tastes like...
So if any of you are brave enough to try it, let me know how it goes.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Charlotte's Web

I just finished reading Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.
How did I go this long without ever reading this book?
It was fantastic! I loved everything about it!
I thought it was beautiful and it nearly brought tears to my eyes several times.
It is one of the best stories of true friendship I have ever read.
This really is one of the great stories of our age, destined for literary immortality.

Monday, January 10, 2011

BBC Are You For Reals?

The other night I was driving home rather late, and was listening to the BBC news on the radio.  They were doing a story about MIT scientists who were working on a new toothpaste system that would predict the weather.
If it was going to be a cold day you would get mint.  If it was going to be hot, cinnamon.  If it was going to be raining, you got stripes.
Apparently it is an electronically controlled toothpaste dispenser that is hooked up to some sort of weather forecast thingy.  They are trying to integrate technology into people's daily routine.
I couldn't help but wonder if the news report was serious.
Don't scientists have more important things to worry about, such as diseases that need curing, or finding a renewable energy supply, or solving world hunger?  Who cares about toothpaste that can predict the weather?  Just look outside!
At the end of the report they said that MIT's next project involved designing a wallet that became more difficult to open as you ran low on cash.
I could have sworn I was listening to a report from The Onion.

Monday, January 3, 2011


The other day at my house we were talking about how fast we could all type.  A few people were boasting of their own abilities, so I challenged them to prove themselves.  I was almost certain that I would be the slowest, since I haven't sought to improve my speed since my high school word processing class.  I was pretty sure that even at my peak of typing abilities, I was only at around 50 WPM.  I thought that now I would be considerably slower.
We found an online WPM testing thingy and began the showcase.
I think the first go-around my brother Andrew got 65 WPM with 20 errors.  I got 69 WPM with 3 errors.  Andrew's girlfriend got 70 WPM with 3 errors, and Richard got 73 WPM with 5 errors.
Robin blew us all away with 95 WPM and ZERO errors!  Her little fingers can move really fast!
Andrew made several more attempts until he finally beat his girlfriend, but none of us could have come close to touching Robin's speed, even with a bajillion attempts.  She is quite the typist.