Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving in Review

Thanksgiving this year was pretty awesome!  I only managed to fit in four Thanksgiving dinners this year instead of five like last year.  What I lost in quantity I made up for in quality.  Ok that's probably not true either, I just felt like saying it because it sounded rather intellectual.  Don't you agree?

So the four dinners I had were:
-Weber State institute Thanksgiving lunch thingy
-Ward service auction thingy
-Robin's family dinner
-My family dinner

Here are some highlights:

At the insitute thingy I unexpectedly ran into my good friend Jason and we had an excellent conversation about girls and dating.  That was fun.

Robin's family dinner was really cool, and I got to meet a bunch of her extended family.  One of her uncles actually served in the same mission that I did, only a few years earlier.
Afterwards Robin and I dominated at Scrabble!

Friday after Thanksgiving we had a movie night at Robin's parents house where I discovered the wonder that is MINT M&M'S!!  They are my new favorite M&M flavor.

At my house on Saturday we had our family dinner, followed by Bingo.  I won a Salted Nut Roll which made me happy.  It was especially delicious because it tasted like victory.
After all the relatives left, the rest of us watched AVATAR.  Always a highlight.

The best part of my family dinner was discovering "Probe", the game.  You can read about it here.

The other day I was warming up some Thanksgiving leftovers and I totally overloaded my microwave!
It has a "Reheat" button that is pretty fancy.  You just stick your plate of food in the microwave, hit "Reheat", and it has little sensors and things that somehow knows when your food is properly reheated. 
This time I did that same procedure, only this time after several minutes the microwave started beeping all kinds of alarm sounds and produced a lengthy error message on its tiny little screen.
"Sensor Error.  Check dish.  Reheat option for one serving only."
I guess I maxed out the microwaves reheat capacity...HOW COOL IS THAT?
I was pretty proud of myself.

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Kendra said...

haha congratulations on your microwave reheating capacity breakthrough. very impressive. my family plays bingo too! that's funny. i'm glad you had a great thanksgiving.