Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It Actually Happened!


I am now a college/university graduate for reals!
(check that off my to-do list.)

My diploma is in the mail!

I walked at the little ceremony thingy!

My grades are in and I passed everything!
(nightmare avoided.)

Hooray for me!

Top Ten Thoughts on Graduation

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to graduate from University.  Here are the things that immediately come to mind:

10. It's about dang time!
9. Ok...what now?
8. Phwew! Giant sigh of relief.
7. Dang! Now I have to go find a real job and be responsible and stuff.
6. Once I get a real job I will have MONEY again!
5. Once I have money I can MOVE OUT!
4. Finally I can BUY A COOL CAR!
3. Time for a fresh start someplace new.
2. I wonder how this will affect my social life...wait, what social life?

Peace out, yo!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Steven Koecher

Today marks one year since the disappearance of Steven Koecher.
I've been following his story since his family began petitioning for help via Facebook last year.
The whole thing just breaks my heart.
How can a person just disappear?

I read about Steven and what his life was like before his disappearance and he reminds me a lot of myself.  His struggles and situation in life seem to be similar to myself and many other LDS singles that I know.
I don't know Steven, but he seems like just a regular guy trying to navigate the challenges of life.
What happened to him?
He parked his car in a Henderson Nevada neighborhood just before noon, was seen walking around the corner by a home security camera, and that's the last anyone has seen of him in a year.

Please check out the website
Here is a link to the flyer about his disappearance.
Here is the timeline of known information.
I know a blog post isn't much, but I really hope someone out there has some information to help his family.

Things like this make me feel so helpless and sad.  I really hope that Steven is found soon.  People don't just disappear! Someone must know what happened!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things That Must Go (part 3)

Here is yet another update to my "things that must go" series.  These are pretty much just my recent pet peeves, but I put together the list more for fun than for the sake of complaining. :)

1. Nose rings - Facial piercings in general, but especially nose rings.  Every time I see someone with a nose ring it grosses me out.  It's like they have a strange shiny tumor growing out of their face.  I can't even begin to estimate how many times I've admired the face of a pretty girl, only to be totally repulsed as soon as she turned her head to reveal a pierced nostril, eyebrow or lip.  I suppose some people find them attractive, but I don't, so I wish they would go away.

2. Zombies - I think the usual zombie stuff around Halloween is perfectly acceptable, but zombies have become an all-year thing, like vampires of recent years.  I'm kind of getting tired of hearing about a coming zombie apocalypse, and the necessity of hording weapons to fight them off.  Uh...this is real life people, there is no such thing as zombies.  I'm pretty sure it's not something you actually have to worry about.
As one friend recently put it, "zombies are in...vampires are so 2009."

3. Truck Nuts - Does this one really require an explanation?  I know of no quicker way to solidify your redneck status than by adding a pair of oversized novelty testicles to the underside of your truck.

4. Artistic naked baby photos - In fact, lets just eliminate naked baby photos all together.  Seriously, these things creep me out!  I don't want to see pictures of naked people, especially not of babies!  Who decided that these pictures were acceptable or even cute?  I see stuff like this plastered all over FB pages, blogs, framed in people's homes, and advertised on photo websites.  This includes naked newborn pictures.  I don't want to see it!  When I have kids, there will be no photos of them lying naked on a fur rug, or cradled in a bowl of fruit, or being held by their mother with their naked bum exposed.  Mark my words, NO NAKED BABY PICTURES!

5. Running red lights - Nearly every day, I see someone run a red light.  Usually I am stopped at an intersection and my light will turn green, and just as I am about to go, another car speeds through the intersection in front of me.  Once a light turns red, both directions stay red for one to two full seconds before the opposite direction changes to green.  This means that they aren't just barely missing the yellow light, they are blatantly driving straight through the red light.  It makes me mad every time I see it.  It is both rude and unsafe.  Learn some patience people!

Bonus #6. People who openly criticize things you like - I realize that it is somewhat ironic to openly criticize people for openly criticizing...but hear me out.  Have you ever told someone about something that you like, or enjoy doing, or thought was cool, and then you are subjected to a nonstop barrage of reasons why they think your thing is dumb?  Do they realize that by implication they are saying that you are dumb for liking it?  People have different tastes and they are free to like, or not like, whatever they choose.  So if somebody asks you for your opinion on something that you don't like, by all means be honest and tell them that you don't really like it, but leave it at that.  Arguing about differences in taste is both futile and rude.  I admit that I have probably been guilty of this in the past, and I now realize how annoying it is, so I will do better from now on.


Sometimes I drive my Mom to work.
She is a teacher.
On the street where she teaches there is a house decorated with a large banner.
The banner says...

Congrats Kat

It is decorated with a drawing of two feet wearing shoes and striped socks.

I pointed it out to my Mom today.
She said, "it's definitely not an ACT score."
I said, "at least not a good one."
She laughed.  A lot.
I still have no idea what this 13.2 is or why someone would be congratulated for it...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Someone's Secret Stash

The other day I was poking around in our laundry room trying to find a bag of some kind.
Anyway, I inadvertently discovered something totally different...

See this cupboard?  It looks like a perfectly normal cupboard from the outside...

Look what's inside!  Not just the usual laundry room junk...

JUNIOR MINTS!  Someone had a secret stash of Junior Mints, and I found them! Mwahaha!
("Mine is an evil laugh!")

They were mostly eaten already...but I helped a bit more. :)

(Bonus points for anyone who can specifically name the who what and when of my quote above.)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Is It Really Going to Happen?

I picked up my cap and gown today, complete with honor chords.
I filled out some sort of graduation survey thingy.
My name was in the school paper for 2010 Fall graduates.
I filled out some paper work in my department.
The secretary said she checked my status and everything looks good.

This graduation thing might actually happen!

The last couple of weeks I've had a recurring fear/nightmare.  I'm terrified that I will come all this way, only to fail one class that will prevent me from graduating.  I really hope that doesn't happen.
I already know that I have A's in two of my classes.  I'm pretty sure I did really well in a third class.  It's only my fourth class that I am uncertain about.  It's one of those annoying classes where you don't have any sort of grade update until you actually get your final grade.  I did well on all but one test, and I did well on the I guess it will come down to the final...(forebode!)

Here's something funny.
I had some deja vu when I picked up my cap and gown.  I had to fill out a little thing stating my degree and department, etc.  When I got to the department part I couldn't remember if it was a Bachelor of Science or some other Bachelor type degree.  The guy at the desk had to remind me, which was when my deja vu started.  After that he pointed out to me that the box I had to check was very dark, and I just needed to make some kind of mark that was visible.  Deja vu again.  It was weird. I could have sworn I had had that exact same conversation before...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving in Review

Thanksgiving this year was pretty awesome!  I only managed to fit in four Thanksgiving dinners this year instead of five like last year.  What I lost in quantity I made up for in quality.  Ok that's probably not true either, I just felt like saying it because it sounded rather intellectual.  Don't you agree?

So the four dinners I had were:
-Weber State institute Thanksgiving lunch thingy
-Ward service auction thingy
-Robin's family dinner
-My family dinner

Here are some highlights:

At the insitute thingy I unexpectedly ran into my good friend Jason and we had an excellent conversation about girls and dating.  That was fun.

Robin's family dinner was really cool, and I got to meet a bunch of her extended family.  One of her uncles actually served in the same mission that I did, only a few years earlier.
Afterwards Robin and I dominated at Scrabble!

Friday after Thanksgiving we had a movie night at Robin's parents house where I discovered the wonder that is MINT M&M'S!!  They are my new favorite M&M flavor.

At my house on Saturday we had our family dinner, followed by Bingo.  I won a Salted Nut Roll which made me happy.  It was especially delicious because it tasted like victory.
After all the relatives left, the rest of us watched AVATAR.  Always a highlight.

The best part of my family dinner was discovering "Probe", the game.  You can read about it here.

The other day I was warming up some Thanksgiving leftovers and I totally overloaded my microwave!
It has a "Reheat" button that is pretty fancy.  You just stick your plate of food in the microwave, hit "Reheat", and it has little sensors and things that somehow knows when your food is properly reheated. 
This time I did that same procedure, only this time after several minutes the microwave started beeping all kinds of alarm sounds and produced a lengthy error message on its tiny little screen.
"Sensor Error.  Check dish.  Reheat option for one serving only."
I guess I maxed out the microwaves reheat capacity...HOW COOL IS THAT?
I was pretty proud of myself.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Returned With Honor

Exciting news!

My youngest brother returned from serving a two year LDS mission today!

He served in the Raleigh North Carolina Mission.

We are glad to have him home!