Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Watch out! He's got his Probe!"

In my family, after we eat our Thanksgiving dinner, we like to play Bingo for prizes.  This year we had the same plan, but something funny happened in the interim.  Allow me to recreate for you the humorous occurrence.

We had just finished clearing the table, and were all gathering in the kitchen.

Dad: "Robby, will you go upstairs and find Bingo?"
Robby: "Sure."
Retreating to the upstairs region of our house I began my search for "Bingo".

After being absent for longer than expected, I finally return.
Robby: "I couldn't find Bingo, but don't worry, I found something better! (Pause for anticipation) I brought down the game of...PROBE!"

Triumphantly, I hold up the dusty cardboard box and everyone stares at me in puzzled bewilderment.
Andrew: "What the heck is Probe?"
Unsure how to respond, I turn the box over and read the game description.
Robby: "It's the most provocative game of words since the invention of the modern alphabet!"
I laugh hysterically while everyone continues to stare.

Kate: "Provocative?" (Imagine a room full of raised eyebrows.)
At this point everyone's curiosity is peaked, so they gather around me to inspect "Probe".

Robin smiles and reads a portion of the game description:
Robin: "Probe is a game that adults play together and thoroughly enjoy!"
Everyone laughs in awkward amazement at the vintage Freudian phrase.

Kate: "Children can play with adults or by themselves!"
More uncomfortable laughter.

Robby: "Probe is a true party game for any number of people!"
More laughter followed by a brief discussion of the awkward game description.

Robby: "Watch out! He's got his probe!" (Quoting The Simpson's.)

We spent the next five minutes reading and re-reading the game description almost in disbelief at the overtness of the euphemisms being presented.

After all that fun, the only question left in my mind was, "How could we have gone all these years without knowing that there was a game called "Probe" lurking in our closet?"

I am still quite pleased with my discovery.

Unfortunately we didn't actually play "Probe" that night. I ended up finding Bingo tucked away on a shelf somewhere, so we went ahead with the previous plan.
I did have a pretty good Bingo card though.  I actually got "Bingo" three times!  My first prizes got traded around a few times, but I ended up with a Salted Nut Roll, so that was pretty awesome.  I LOVE THE SALTED NUT ROLL!

Although nobody got to enjoy the provocative game on this occasion, mark my words, someday I will play "Probe"!


Robin said...

Let's play it next time I come over ;)

Ha ha, it's just so easy to make inappropriate comments about this game.

Erica said...

Oh dang!!!!!!! If there was ever a time we needed to be back in the Spratt Cave..

Robby Spratt said...

Seriously we need to play!

Erica, we should have a Spratt cave reunion after the semester is over and do some Probing!