Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Chop Shop

Remember my declaration to become a "retrosexual"? So far I am doing pretty well in that regard, but one thing has still eluded me...the barbershop haircut.

My hair is difficult to cut because it is really curly and grows kind of funny, so I have been trying to find a place where the hair-cutting people really know what they are doing.  Unfortunately, I haven't really liked the last couple of haircuts I have received.  I don't like getting home and having to cut hairs that they missed, or even things out on my own.  I wanted something better.

So a few weeks ago I needed a haircut...bad.

See how bad I needed one?

When I was a kid, my Dad used to take my brothers and I, once a month, to Leroy the barber for haircuts.  Leroy cut my  hair all the way up until I was in high school.  He has cut my Dad's hair pretty much his whole life.  He even cut my Grandfather's hair when he lived in SLC.  Three generations of Spratts have gone to Leroy for haircuts, and I figured it was time for me to go back.

I was a little nervous about the haircut because...well...Leroy is old.  He was old when I was a kid, so he must be even older now.  Turns out, Leroy is now 80 years old.

It was a good haircut!  I got the cut, and a head and neck massage, all for $10!  I thought it was pretty awesome!  I'm bummed that I haven't been there in so long though.

Let me tell you something.  Nobody shaves the back of your neck like Leroy!  I don't know what he does differently from other haircutting people, but with Leroy, the neck shave is my favorite part!  It is all slow and relaxing and warm and scratchy and tingly.  It's great.  I had forgotten how much I had missed Leroy's amazing neck shaves.

It's a good thing I went back on this particular day because after over 50 years in one location, Leroy is moving.  He got a really good offer on his building, so he decided to sell and move his business in with the guy who cuts his hair.  It was also lucky that I happened to have my camera with me.  Leroy said that he had already started taking things down, and I did notice that some of the shelves were missing, but I wanted to get pictures anyway.  Most of the important stuff that I remember as a kid was still there.

I'm sorry to see Leroy leave his familiar old place, but at least he will still be cutting hair.  I'm eager to go get a haircut from him at his new place.

I'm just glad I got to relive some fond childhood memories, one last time, by getting my haircut at Leroy's Chop Shop. :)


Robin said...

It's awesome that his name is Leroy.

Chess said...

What Robin said. Leroy is the only name a barber should have.