Friday, October 29, 2010

Timpanogos: Top Down

September 11, 1:30 am.  Robin and I, along with my friends Dave and Meagan (they are married) set off on a nice little night hike.  A hike up Mount Timpanogos.  This was my first time dong this particular hike, but Dave had done it several times and informed me that it was about 12 miles.
You may remember that I hiked Mount Olympus, which is 10 miles, and did it in about 5 hours round trip.  Based on that experience, I thought that 12 miles would be a peace of cake.  I was wrong.  It was hard...dang hard!
It took us about five and a half hours just to get to the top!  Once there, we rested for quite a while before starting back down.  All-in-all I think it took us around 12 hours to complete.  That's a lot of hiking!  It was long, but also very fun.  I loved the journey down because we actually got to see all the stuff we had missed during the night.  It was hard hiking in the dark with nothing but a headlamp and a trail to hopefully lead us in the right way.
Because of the darkness, I didn't even start taking pictures until we near the top.  So you get to see our adventure from the top down.

This was taken on the saddle, when the first glimmers of light began to appear.

Here is Robin at the top, just after sunrise.

Here I am, all bundled up.  It was cold up there!

Meagan, also very cold, and Dave is behind her in the brown hoodie.

The view from the top was fantastic!

This was where we hung out for a while so we could rest out of the wind.  We had some food, I took a nap, and we took a bunch of pictures.  It was fun sleeping on the top of mount Timpanogos.

Looking up at the shack from our retreat.  I really want to know how they got that up there.

Naturally I had to bring a little obnoxiousness to the experience.

Robin trying out a funny face. :)

In case you can't read my mark on the register, I wrote, "I totally kicked this dang mountain in the face!!"

Time to hike back down...

Meagan reluctantly posing for another picture.

That's where we were!  It was pretty barren up above the tree line.

Sometimes we felt like we were walking into Mordor.

Getting ready to go down the glacier!

Somehow we had to get all the way down there.

This is probably my favorite picture! 
Robin carefully selected some nice sharp rocks to help traverse the glacier.

It was quite the precarious decent.

This is my other favorite. :)

That's what we hiked/slid down!

At the bottom of the glacier was a delightful little lake with nice clear water.

I thought this lingering ice was really pretty.

The path was very scenic, but we still had so far to go!

Only hours before we were all the way on top of that farthest peak.

Walking, walking, and more walking...



Turns out there was a sign at the bottom of the trail.  How nice.



Robin said...

I still sort of can't believe we did it! :)

Kendra said...

i love that hike! its gorgeous. your pictures of that ice is amazing! i might come back just to look at those. also you and robin are cute :)

Josh and Alli said...

Awesome pictures! The last picture is a wooly class just learned about them-they are the "groundhogs" that predict if it will be a snowy winter! North Carolina even has a festival for them! I'm nerdy I know...