Monday, October 25, 2010

Super Weird Dream...In Color!

For a long time I've heard people debate about whether or not humans dream in color.  I've always been fascinated by this because I honestly don't remember my dreams vividly enough to know if they were in color, or just in black and white.  Well, that all changed a few nights ago!

First off, I should warn you that this dream was really really weird.  Like, super mega ultra crazy weird.  Ok, maybe not that weird, but it is kind of gross, so be warned.  Also, please don't judge me based on this crazy dream I had.  These aren't the sorts of things that occupy my waking thoughts.

Anyway, in my dream, I was hanging out in my brother's room for some unknown reason.  With me in the room was a really rich guy who had just taken delivery of a very large box.  More of a crate actually; only this wasn't an ordinary crate.  It was long, narrow, not too high off the ground, and rather coffin-like.

We pried open the crate, and inside was a dead mummy! (As opposed to a live mummy.)

I kind of started to freak out because as soon as we opened up the crate, a large yellow and black spider scurried out of the crate and started running around the room.  Apparently it had hitched a ride from wherever it was the mummy had come from.  I'm not a huge fan of spiders, and this one was the size of a large tarantula, so it was kind of unnerving.  While I was trying to avoid the spider, and figure out what to do with it, the rich guy did something quite shocking.

He grasped the mummy's arm by the wrist, and broke it off at the elbow.  He then unwrapped the bandages from the arm, revealing a kind of slimy green skin Underneath.  After briefly admiring the exposed arm, (here is the gross part,) he took a big bite out of the arm and ate it!

Apparently, in my dream, dead mummy flesh is some sort of delicacy that only rich people can afford.

I don't remember anything about what happened after that, but it was pretty weird nonetheless.

I'm more excited by the fact that, for once, I vividly remember dreaming in color!  Pretty neat huh?

(I think that the reason I had cannibalism on my mind was because I just finished reading a pretty weird book that featured a few instances of human consumption.)


Emmy said...

Very creepy dream, Robby! But, interesting nonetheless! Aren't dreams so weird? :P

Robin said...

That is a weird dream. The first part sounds like the movie Arachnophobia.
I know for sure that I dream in color!

Jessica said...

I can't even think in color. If someone asks me to visualize an orange in my head, it is gray, not orange.