Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ABC's of Me

Erica tagged me in this alphabet get-to-know-you thing, so here is mine.

A - attached or single: Attached. :)
B - best friend: Dave.
C - cake or pie: Can I have both?  I only like pie if it doesn't have fruit in it.  Anything chocolate is acceptable in either form.
D - day of choice: Why Saturday of course!
E - essential item:  Cell phone.  If I don't have it, I feel naked.  I don't like feeling naked, thus I need my phone.
F - favorite color:  Depends what the color is on.  For myself I like blue.
G - gummy bears or worms: Gimme the bears!
H - hometown: Bountiful, Utah
I - indulgence(s): Buying shaving equipment, movies, and books.  Oh, and sometimes I just have to have pizza and a really good cream soda.  Any of those things are guaranteed to cheer me up. :)
J - January or July: July for sure!  January pretty much blows in Utah.
K - kids: Someday.  I really want daughters.
L - life is incomplete without: Somebody special to share it with.
M - marriage date: Someday, I hope.
N - number of siblings: Two brothers. They rock.
O - oranges or apples: Apples.  Oranges are hard to peel, and they are all squishy.
P - phobias or fears: Falling, and large bodies of water.
Q - quote(s): "Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength." -Saint Francis de Sales
R - reason to smile: Being with someone special. :)
S - season: Mostly summer, but I also like autumn quite a lot.
T - tag five: Emmy, Jason, Kendra, Nikki, and Robin.  (This means you all have to answer these questions too...if you want.)
U - unknown fact about me: I once had a live insect crawl inside my ear while I was asleep and get stuck.  That was quite the awful experience, I don't recommend it.
V - vegetarian or oppressor of animal:  I'm not sure what the second option even means...anyway, I love animals of all kinds, I also like eating a few of them.
W - worst habit: Either picking my nose or cracking my knuckles. Whichever you find more gross.
X - x-rays or ultrasounds: X-Rays I guess.  This is kind of a dumb question though.
Y - your favorite food group:  Pizza! Yes, it is its own food group.
Z - zodiac: Libra

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Emmy said...

haha; alright Robby.....thanks for tagging me :P I posted my ABCs last night; check it out! :D