Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Your Movie Sucks!

A long awaited occasion has finally arrived!  I have finished reading Your Movie Sucks by Roger Ebert!  Why is this such a momentous occasion?  Well, simply because I've been reading this book since December.  Usually it doesn't take me that long to read a fairly short (333 pages) book, with largish print.  So why did it take me so dang long to read?  Well, since this book is nothing but a collection of bad movie reviews, and since each review is only about one to two pages in length, it makes for an ideal bathroom reader.

Yes readers, I read this entire book (well, more like 95%) while sitting on the toilet!  I realize that this probably qualifies as TMI, but I'm pretty proud of this fact.  This is the first book I have ever read, that was reserved exclusively for bathroom reading.  I take good care of my books, and this one still looks pretty good, but it's probably one you shouldn't ask to borrow from me...

So what about the book?  It was ok...I guess.  It was sometimes fun to read some of Ebert's more scathing reviews, but in general, it was kind of boring.
The best part of the entire book was the Introduction.
In the introduction he set the stage for the book by talking about three especially bad reviews he wrote, and the responses he got from the film makers.  It was incredibly interesting reading the letters which attempted to defend these awful films.  The best part though, was that after Ebert received these letters trying to explain the merits of these awful films, he published his responses, which were generally even more harsh than his original review.  It was pretty fun.  I just wish that the entire book could have been like the introduction.

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