Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunny D

The other day, I was at a friends house, and I got to hang out with his young daughter for a little bit while I waited for him to get some stuff.

She showed me her doll, which she likes to throw up in the air and then laugh as it hits the ground.  She was also fascinated by the vast difference in the sizes of our hands and noses.  She would hold up her fingers to my nose, measure it's length, and then compare it to her own.  It was pretty cute.

The best though was when she was telling me about how they had just bought some Sunny D (that's Sunny Delight for all you old-timers like me) at the store that day, and that she had just had some.  I asked her if she liked it, to which she nodded and replied, "It tastes like...your face!"

I'm not sure how she knows what my face tastes like, but if that's meant to be a compliment I will take it! :)
It was pretty funny, and when I told her dad about the Sunny D remark he laughed and then gave her a big hug and kiss. He was quite proud.

So if we(real-life friends) are ever hanging out, and you happen to have a sudden craving for the cool, refreshing, tangy taste of Sunny Delight, you can just lick my face!

Not really though.

Please don't lick my face.


Emmy said...

Hmmm...I think I'm going to have to go to the store now and buy some Sunny D...since I can't get that taste for free by licking someone's face ;P

Your friend's daughter sounds like a real cutie, though...

Erica said...

Lolololololololololol that is pretty much the best thing I have EVER read!!!!! I now want to lick your face. But not really. :)

Robby Spratt said...

Erica, you can have a free pass to lick my face the next time I see you. It's the least I can do. ;)