Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Go Away M. Night Shyamalamalamalan!

Does anyone out there actually like M. Night Shyamalan's movies anymore?  Ok, The Sixth Sense was pretty good, but since then each of his films has gotten progressively worse.  I think the guy just needs to go away forever.
Allow me to illustrate.  I will present to you each of his films, beginning with The Sixth Sense, and give you the Rotten Tomatoes rating for each film.

The Sixth Sense - 85%
Unbreakable - 68%
Signs - 74%
The Village - 42%
Lady in the Water - 24%
The Happening - 18%
The Last Airbender - 7%

Technically he had two films before The Sixth Sense, but pretty much nobody has heard of them, so I decided not to include them in my list.  It was really The Sixth Sense that made people start paying attention to him anyway.

Notice anything odd about his films since then?  Looks like a pretty consistent decline in ratings to me.

Check out this groovy graph I found!

Let's face it, he really only has one good movie and everything else pretty much blows.  Why do people keep giving him money to make awful movies? He just needs to go away!
On the other hand...I can't see how he could possibly get any lower than his most recent 7%.  I mean, single digit films on Rotten Tomatoes are pretty rare.  So in that respect, he has nowhere to go but up.  Perhaps one of these days he will manage to make something that isn't a steaming pile of crap.

In his defense, my brother and I have a theory about him.  We think that he actually is a reasonably talented director.  He creates mood and suspense really well.  The problem is that he insists on not only directing, but also writing all of his films.  He should let a professional handle the writing part, and just stick to directing.  Maybe then he will make something worth watching again.

(All ratings are current as of August 31, 2010.)

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