Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Ten: Ansel Adams Photographs

I love photography! I took several classes in high school, and dabbled in it for a few years, but I was never very good. Despite that, I really gained an appreciation for quality photographs.

When I have a home of my own, I would really love to fill the walls with some of the world's finest photography and art work.

My favorite photographer of all time is Ansel Adams. Last year I got to visit the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park, which was a very memorable experience. I also purchased a few of my favorite prints, which I now have hanging on my walls.

I have WAY MORE than ten favorite Ansel Adams photographs, but these are the ten that I would like to own the very most.

10. Aspens (Vertical)

(I just love the simple elegance, and the incredible lines.)

9. Moonrise Hernandez

(This is Ansel Adams most famous photograph. I have this one proudly displayed in my bedroom.)

8. Evening Clouds and Pool


7. Oak Tree, Sunset City

(Eerie, and kind of spooky, but also amazing!)

6. Sand Dunes, Sunrise Death Valley

(Here is another one that I already own. I love the contrast and distinct lines!)

5. Gates of the Valley

(I need this!)

4. Oak Tree, Snowstorm

(Another amazing example of the kind of stark contrast that makes black and white photography so incredible.)

3. Tetons and Snake River

(Love this! Another one which I have proudly framed and displayed.)

2. Clearing Winter Storm

(I want this one so bad! Sadly the gift shop at the Ansel Adams Gallery was all out of this print.)

1. Mount Williamson

(My absolute favorite! This one is the centerpiece of my small collection, and prominently displayed in my room. I was so glad that the gift shop had one large print left!)

I hope you enjoyed this little mini-gallery. I would definitely recommend that you check out some of Ansel Adams other photographs. He is simply the best that ever was!


Emmy said...

This is amazing, Robby! I'm going to have to look into some more of Ansel's photography; its wonderful!

Thanks for sharing ;)

Anonymous said...

Good blog! Btw, you know you can probably order prints online, so you don't have to go the print shop...

Cheers from Sweden