Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten Highlights from Bryce Canyon

If you read my previous post, you should be aware of my awesome trip down to Bryce Canyon.  That post was mostly pictures, so here are my ten personal highlights from the trip.

10. Seeing all the excitement and energy that is present at a marathon/half-marathon.
This was the first time I have ever been present at one of these events, and it was cool!  They really treat the runners like celebrities, with all the special treatment, and gift bags, and staff.  There is definitely a neat feeling to competing in this sort of thing.  I liked it!

9. Frolicking.
Yeah, so I like to frolic sometimes, you got a problem with that?  This time I felt like frolicking around Bryce Canyon while we were hiking.  My personal favorite frolic was in the hills of Ireland...yeah, that was awesome.

8. Learning the effectiveness of earplugs.
I've been on enough roadtrips, with enough guys, to know to ALWAYS pack earplugs.  This trip made me grateful that I had them.  I was probably the only person who got a decent nights sleep.

7. Driving a stick shift.
I LOVE driving manual transmission cars, and luckily Jason's car was a manual.  I drove the whole way home, and it was refreshing being able to drive stick again.

6. Seeing Bryce Canyon close up.
All the other times I have visited Bryce Canyon, the only parts I saw were from the scenic overlooks.  It was really cool hiking down into the actual canyon, and seeing a lot of the neat formations up close.

5. Seeing my friend Camilla cross the finish line.
I knew she was going to be down there, but I hadn't managed to catch up with her before the race.  Luckily I kept my eyes open and was able to see her as she came around the final bend to cross the finish line.  She did really well, and I'm glad I got to see her.

4. Supporting Jason and our other friends who ran.
Most of the people who came on the trip, just came along for the camping and hiking.  I was really excited to cheer on Jason and everyone else who ran.  I enjoyed hanging around the staging area, taking pictures, and helping out in general.  It was a cool experience.

3. Lick the Hoodoo!
Jason has this theory that hiking should involve all five senses.  So the motto for our trip became "lick the hoodoo!"

2. Talking the shuttle driver into driving us to our cars.
The hike we did turned out to be a little more than we bargained for.  We thought it was going to be a nice little four mile hike, but as it turns out, the four miles was just to the main overlook thingy.  We still had to hike back out, and the other end wasn't even close to where we had started.  We were about three miles up the road from where we had parked our cars.  We were all pretty beat, especially the people who had ran 13.1 miles just a few hours earlier, and none of us wanted to walk another three miles.
We were sitting around at the lodge we had ended up at, when I noticed a park shuttle nearby.  I decided to go have a chat with the driver.  He said that it wasn't on his normal route, but he would be willing to drop us off by our cars.  Awesome!  I hollered to my companions, and we all jumped on the shuttle.  It all worked out really well.  For all that, we tipped him two dollars.  Hey, it was all we had on us!

1. Making new friends.
Most of the people who came along were friends of Jason's from BYU, and a few people were friends of his friends.  Either way, I didn't know most of them, so it was a lot of fun getting to know so many new people.  Hopefully a few good friendships will come out of this trip.

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Emmy said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! That's wonderful :D