Monday, July 26, 2010

My Bathroom Theory...well, one of them.

Ok, so I have this theory about bathrooms.  Basically, I think that you can tell how classy a place is by checking out the bathroom.
Example:  I've been to two different country clubs in recent years.  I made a point of checking out the bathroom on each occasion.  In one we had tile floors, regular type counters, a wall mounted soap dispenser, paper towels, and a swivel-top trash bin.  In the other, we had marble everything, a nice pump soap bottle, actual cloth towels, a hamper, and a nice wooden bench.  Yeah, you can tell which one was clearly the classier joint.  The club with the ultra-posh bathroom was above and beyond the other club in every way.  I felt bad just for walking on the carpets in my shoes!
I have tested this theory in a variety of locations, and so far it has generally held true.

Anyway, I recently took an awesome girl out to eat at one of my favorite SLC eateries.  The Rio Grande Cafe.  It is a Mexican restaurant inside a cool old train station.  You walk in and it's like stepping back in time 50 years.  You have the original wooden bar and barstools, tons of vintage looking furniture, a model train running along the ceiling, a juke box, and other cool features.

My absolute favorite thing about this place is the bathroom.  First, just outside the bathrooms is an old fashioned coat room, with benches, an old phone booth, and big double doors that open to the main train station area.  Inside the bathrooms you have a tile floor, carved wooden stall doors, original porcelain toilets and sinks, and really old fixtures with the long spouts and old handles with the white centers labeled "hot" and "cold".  I make a point of checking out the bathroom every time I go, just because I like it so much.
Anyway, it had been quite a while since I'd visited the old Rio Grande, so when I was there the other day, I made a point of going into the bathroom, even though I had no need of its services.
To my dismay...they remodeled!!!  Gone are the original fixtures and porcelain, gone are the toilets of ancient origin!  In their places are new fangled sinks, and modern urinals with little dividers between them!  It's awful!  One of my personal pleasures has been ruined forever!  I'm really depressed about this.  My favorite bathroom has been destroyed!
At least I had good company to make up for it. :)

P.S. I had the chicken burrito smothered in chili rojo sauce.  It was a good choice.  I highly recommend it.


Chess said...

Awww that's terrible!! I hope they never remodel the bathroom in the basement of the Family Life building. That's my favorite bathroom that I can think of. You'll have to tell me how your date went! :-)

Robin said...

Maybe you should peek in the women's room next time- I'm not sure if it was as modern as the men's sounds. I definitely wouldn't call the sinks new-fangled.

In China, my friend and I would sometimes take the bus a half hour on the weekend just to hang out in the lobby of this fancy hotel and then use the beautiful bathroom. Nice bathrooms are hard to come by there.

Kendra said...

i would have to say i can agree with your theory. and i love when the bathrooms match the rest of the building in style and everything. i would also be extremely upset with this remodeling. :( especially since i have a new favorite hobby of taking pictures of restrooms...