Friday, July 2, 2010

Midnight Bike Adventure

The other night, I was feeling kind of restless. 12:30 rolled around and I realized that a normal person, would probably be thinking about going to sleep. Fortunately, I am not a normal person. So instead of retiring at a reasonable hour, I decided to go for a midnight bike ride. Luckily, I decided to bring my camera along, so you all get to share in my adventure.
Keep in mind, I didn't have a tripod, and I haven't yet figured out how to get awesome night photos from my little point-and-shoot, so you might need to squint and use your imagination on some of the pictures.

First, I saw a deer.

Next, I saw a cute little windmill.

I rode to the mouth of a canyon, but I didn't go any farther because it looked kind of scary.

A glowy waterfall...

Stopped by the Bountiful LDS Temple.

Rode past a cemetery.

I realized that by riding my bike around town after midnight, I probably qualified as a suspicious person engaged in suspicious I promptly decided to move along.

By awesome bike, posed in front of a stone bench thingy.

Next I saw some interesting sidewalk art.
I like the emo heart.

Apparently Mr. Fredrickson has some creepy stalker people after him. Poor guy.

A port-o-potty. I really wanted to use it but alas, I did not. :(

This is me riding up a big hill. It was hard. Look how hard it was! I'm all sweaty and gross!

I paused on the hill to photograph the fire station.

Oh look! It's a golf course!

I got really excited when I saw this broken sprinkler pipe!

Oh look! Another deer!

The flat and level is much nicer than that dang hill.

Could it be? A third deer? Yes it is!

Me, looking all cool and awesome next to this fence!

I got home around 1:30 am. It was a nice, refreshing, late night adventure. I had fun! I will probably go on more of these in the future. :)

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Emmy said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a lot of fun on your midnight bike ride! I love to ride my bike, too...but usually before dinner...and never after 10! :P

(I wonder how Mr. Fredrickson feels about having stalkers...)