Monday, July 26, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time...

...that I went to hang out at a gay coffee shop?
Yeah, that's right!
There is a little coffee shop in SLC that is the home to the gay and lesbian something-er-other organization of Utah.
I went there one time to hang out with a bunch of homosexuals.
Why was I hanging out with homosexuals?  Thanks for asking.  It has nothing to do with me being gay...cuz I'm not!

Years ago in college I took a class called Gender and Contemporary Issues.  For the class I wrote a paper on homosexuals in Utah.  I don't really remember much about the paper I wrote, but to do research I went and participated in one of their special gay meetings.  The meeting consisted of a bunch of dudes flirting with me (CTTI was most definitely present), and then playing a bunch of "get-to-know-you" games that were way more sexually suggestive than all the other times I have played them when not at gay meetings.  It was kind of like a homosexual family home evening.  After the "meeting", I interviewed several people for my paper.  In general, I had a good time.  It was awesome.

I had almost forgotten about this little excursion into the land of the gays until the other day when I again drove past that little coffee shop. I hadn't been in that part of town in years.  I noticed that the name had changed, but it still had the little rainbow flag hanging outside, so I assume that it is still their homosexual headquarters.
I can't remember what the new name is, but it used to be called the Stonewall Cafe.  That name paid homage to the Stonewall Hotel which was the site of some significant gay riots in the late 60's.  You should really look into it because gay history is a fascinating subject.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to recount my gay coffee shop experience.  I hope you enjoyed it.

(Author's Note)
Please don't chew me out for being flippant towards gays.  It was meant to add to the comedic nature of this post, and not a reflection of my feelings towards homosexuals.  I'm not anti-gay, I don't hate gays, I don't even particularly dislike gays.  I just wanted to emphasize the humorous image of a non-gay person like me hanging out at a specifically gay coffee shop.  This was intended to be a humorous post, not a slanderous one.  To quote a license plate that I once saw parked on a street in SLC..."GAYSROK".

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