Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top Ten: Reasons Last Week Was Awesome!

Ok, so last week was pretty much rad! Here are ten reasons why:

10. I got to meet lots of cool new people/girls at our stake super activity!

9. I got a new calling at church! So long FHE committee, and hello activities committee!

8. I spent a combined 14 hours in a car with three girls, talking about everything from books, to relationship drama, to what kind of weddings we all want! It was very educational.

7. I got to go rock climbing two days in a row with several close friends!

6. Andrew and I taught Dave how to shave with a brush and traditional safety razor!

5. I got to ride my bike around Logan with some friends, which is one of my favorite summer activities!

4. Dave and I finally made it to the top of Hat Trick, the 5-11b climb that has been kicking our butt for months!

3. I got to go to my favorite Chinese place on a date with a really cool girl!

2. I got the phone number of another really cool girl, whom I now have a date with!

1. I got to eat THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER HAD! BBQ Bacon Chicken from Pizza Plus. Oh man it was amaz-azing!

Is it wrong that the highlight of my week was a pizza? Maybe...but if you had tasted this pizza, you would understand!


Chess said...

Good luck on those dates!!

(You and Andrew and your shaving. You're both so weird, haha!)

Robin said...

Nothing wrong with pizza being the highlight of your week. It's delicious.

Thanks for your cool comments on my blogs. After perusing yours a bit, I agree that we would probably get along pretty well.
Except for a *minor* disagreement about cilantro :)