Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not Enough Nephi's...

(I originally wrote this post last December, but for one reason or another, I decided not to publish it...until now. You can thank this person for her encouragement in that regard. Furthermore, this post consists of my thoughts on a uniquely LDS scenario, so if you are not a member of the LDS church, this probably won't make any sense to you, but you are welcome to read it anyway. Ok, that's enough of the disclaimer. On to the post!)

I once heard a girl in one of my institute classes say that she didn't think she would get married any time soon because "there aren't enough Nephi's in the world". She then said that she wouldn't settle for anything less.
Let me just say that I think this is a rediculous attitude which is totally untrue. Not the settling for less part, but the Nephi part.
I am curious how many worthy priesthood holders she sees every day. I submit that every single worthy priesthood holder is a potential "Nephi". Furthermore, I know that most of our modern prophets have publicly stated that they would not be the men they are without the help of their loving wives. I don't think it's a stretch to compare our modern prophets to the prophets of old, so I ask the question: who is to say that any young priesthood holder couldn't grow up to be on par with Nephi?
I have been in positions before where I have had to assess how well certain men upheld their priesthood responsibilities. Some men need encouragement to improve, but I was frequently impressed by how dedicated, diligent, and worthy, a large portion of these priesthood holders were. There are many about whom I can honestly say, that I would trust with any responsibility that I, or the Lord, could ever put upon them. They really are that good. They make me want to be better myself.
Personally I think that girls don't always see the real potential behind most men. I think that if girls could see some of the good things that these guys do, things they would never boast about, or acts of kindness they perform without ever expecting any sort of recognition; I think if girls could see these things, they might think differently about the seeming shortage of Nephi's in the world.
I believe that in most cases the men who demonstrate Nephi-like qualities won't be large in stature, or mighty in speaking; but rather, they will be quietly obedient and eager to do the Lord's will. These qualities are not always blatantly visible because, usually, the men in possession of such qualities are also humble and don't brag about those sorts of things. I suppose my point is that there are a lot of really excellent men in the world, and I think more girls need to give us a chance.
To that one girl in particular I would suggest that instead of looking for a "Nephi", she should focus on helping all young men to become "Nephi's". I feel that the reason she isn't finding any "Nephi's" in the world is because she if failing not only to see the potential of men, but also failing in her responsibilities to support and respect the priesthood. Women have a huge impact in their husbands lives, and a good righteous woman who understands the priesthood can help her husband live up to his full potential.

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Chess said...

I absolutely agree, Robby. Who are these girls to decide who is a Nephi and who isn't? Furthermore, how arrogant are they, when they assume that they themselves are on a level to DESERVE a Nephi? Nobody starts out a spiritual giant. It takes years to learn and to put into practice the principles that these girls want "right now."

They are being very selfish and unrealistic. In that case, if you ever hear someone say something like that, I encourage you to speak up and say, "Well, you just proved that there aren't enough Ruths or Esthers in this world." Hang in there, Robby. I know you'll find the right woman for you one day.