Sunday, May 16, 2010

Goin' To See Mr. Zeus!

Saturday, some friends and I hiked Mount Olympus...the one in Salt Lake City, not Greece.
Greece would have been way cooler, but we couldn't afford the plane ticket...

I've done this little hike before, but it was eight or nine years ago.
Amazingly, I'm in way better shape now than when I was younger.
Back then I didn't no nuthin', but now I've taken up runnin', exercisin', and competitive paintball playin', so that helps a bit...

It was supposed to be a big group of us including myself, Tatiana, Shelly, Jason, and a bunch of people Jason was bringing.

Shelly, Tatiana, and I rode together, and arrived on time, but everyone else was running late, so we started without them. :)

It was pretty easy going until the last mile when we hit snow.

It wouldn't have been so bad had we not all been wearing running shoes. It was very slippery, and we had to fight for every footstep. It really slowed us down, but we persevered.

Tatiana stuck with us until we got to the saddle, and then she didn't want to risk the rocky climb, so Shelly and I went ahead on our own.

30 minutes later we happily found ourselves on the peak!

We didn't waste any time! We took a look around, snapped a few pictures, and then we were on our way back down the mountain!

Going down was way more slippery than going up, because it had gotten warmer. At least it made it a lot faster!

We slid most of the way down the snowy mile. This is also when we ran into Jason and part of his group. They were still heading for the peak, so we told them what to expect and then resumed our sliding.

As soon as we hit dry ground...we were running!

Shelly and I ran down the mountain until we caught up with Tatiana and a few people from the other group who stayed behind.

We stopped to talk for a bit, and I ate a squashed samich!

Then...more running! We ran nonstop the rest of the way down.

It was 10 miles round trip, and took us three and half hours to get to the top, but only one and a half to get back down! We could have made it much quicker on the way up, but the snow slowed us down a lot.

It was an awesome hike!

P.S. If it seems as though I only have pictures of Shelly, that's because I neglected to whip out my camera until we started to get near the top. I figured I'd better take some dang pictures since I had bothered to bring my dang camera! Shelly took a bunch more pictures that I still need to get from her...

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