Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Haunting

There are two reasons why I generally don't like scary movies.
1) I don't like being scared.
2) I think most "scary movies are actually pretty dumb.

It's very rare for me to actually get scared by a movie; in fact, I can't remember the last time I was scared by a movie. This is probably due to one of the two reasons.
1) I'm too macho to be scared by "scary" movies.
2) I just don't watch many "scary" movies.
Ok, so it really just comes down to reason number 2...

Recently I watched the 1963 version of The Haunting.

Here are some brief comments from Rotten Tomatoes:

"...easily ranks among the finest supernatural suspense films ever made."
Mark Bourne

"Properly creepy, unlike the dodgy remake."
Ian Nathan
Empire Magazine

"An undeniably effective adaptation of the Shirley Jackson novel and remains one of the best haunted-house movies."
TV Guide's Movie Guide

So after these glowing reviews, you are probably expecting me to say how good it was, and how scary I thought it was...


I thought this movie was just as dumb as most other scary movies. It was not quite as dumb as the 1999 remake, but it was still pretty dumb.

My brother, who has read the book, really liked it. I have not read the book, and I did not like it. To me it was just a bunch of people freaking out in a weird house. Most of the "scary" stuff took the form of strange banging noises, weird writing on the wall, a creepy door, and the oddities of a crazy woman.

The only good thing about watching this movie was sitting next to a cute girl who gets scared easily. Yeah, that was awesome. ;)


Erica said...

Lol I would love to think you are talking about me but... since I was only there for like 15 minutes it must be someone else :D lol you goon.

Nikki said...

Hey!! That part where the lady's head pops out was freakin' scary!!! And the whole crazy lady talking to herself and dancing with a statues also scary! But... thanks for calling me cute. ;)