Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today's Annoyances

I don't like "complainer blogs" but today I feel the need to vent on a few issues. For some reason, school today was a steady string of classroom annoyances. Just for fun I thought I would draw up a list. Here it is:

-Obnoxious people in the back of the class who do nothing but whinge about how boring the presentation is, making it hard for me to hear and actually learn the stuff they don't seem to be interested in. Have some respect!

-The guy in the computer lab who is snarffing down a Subway Sandwich(when you aren't supposed to have food in the lab anyway), chewing very loudly with his mouth open, breathing loudly out of his mouth at the same time, and sucking on a monster sized soda. All while talking very loudly about rude and uncouth topics with all his equally loud and obnoxious wiener friends. Seriously, grow up and learn some manners douchebag! Also, I didn't know it was possible to slurp a sandwich; I'm simultaneously fascinated and grossed out by the phenomenon.

-The guy who chews tobacco in class, and is constantly spitting into his little spit bottle every ten seconds. That is disgusting! I don't want to hear/see you spitting in any situation, and I certainly don't want to see your excrement tobacco juice just sitting there in a clear bottle on your desk! Go get your mouth cancer somewhere else!

-The guy in class who doesn't know anything, as constantly bugs me to explain stuff he would have learned for himslef if he had been paying attention instead of being a moron!

-The douchebag-know-it-all who argues in class, event though the point he is trying to make, is exactly the same thing that everyone else has already said. Grow a brain!

-Finally, the crazy old lady who nearly hit me while I was waiting to make a left-hand turn. She was driving in the turn lane, as if it were a regular lane. She was coming straight at me going full speed, and didn't look to be slowing down at all. Luckily, at the last second, she dramatically swerved into an actual lane, and nearly hit another car. It kind of freaked me out a bit.

-Oh, one more car annoyance. Obnoxious, irresponsible teenagers should not be driving! I had to follow a car full of morons all the way up the hill to my house. They were driving with all the doors of the car wide open! Every time they stopped, one or two would get out and then get back in again. At first I thought "Chinese Fire Drill", but that's not what they were doing. I don't know what they were doing, but it bugged the heck out of me. Knock it off you young whippersnappers!

End of rant.


Erica said...

Heheheh Robby, I miss you.

Chess said...

"Seriously, grow up and learn some manners douchebag!" I think this what you might call a paradoxical statement. Hahahaha!