Friday, February 5, 2010

More Nostalgia...Just Barely!

I just got home from school; as in, just barely. Really, I just walked in a few minutes ago. I had a nostalgic moment so profound it caused me to immediately hop on the computer so that I might share said moment with the universe! Ok, maybe not the whole universe, but at least the WWW.

Ok, so I got home, and immediately went to my room to deposit my personal effects. I figured that since I don't plan on going anywhere for the next several hours, that I may as well settle in.
I removed the zip-up hoody I had been wearing, hung it up, took out a different zip-up hoody, and proceeded to put on the second hoody.
Mid-zip I paused, looked down at the zipper pull, looked back up, and realized...I was having a Mr. Rogers moment!
When I was a kid, and used to watch Mr. Rogers (coolest kids show ever!), it always puzzled me why he would always take off his jacket, put on a sweater, remove his shoes, and then put on tennis shoes. As a kid you don't realize that adults have nicer "going out" clothes, and more comfortable "inside only" clothes. Now you are probably thinking, "So, wait, you have "going-out" hoodies, and "inside only" hoodies?" Not exactly...but I do have a cat, and cats shed...a lot. I hate going out with cat hair all over me, so if I think I might want to wear a hoody again before I wash it, I hang it up and put on one that I don't care if I get cat hair on. Makes sense right? Right! Anyway, I feel I have attained a certain level of maturity now that I have begun to exhibit several of Mr. Rogers' more awesome qualities. That is all.

p.s. You may have noticed that I also spelled the word "hoody" as "hoodie". In my attempt to ascertain which spelling was correct (both appear to be accepted neologisms), I discovered that "hoodies" are also called bunnyhugs in Saskatchewan. Those crazy Canadians!

p.p.s. My blog-hating brother has finally started a blog of his own. Check it out!

p.p.p.s. It just occurred to me that "A Blog of His Own" is a good name for a movie...or a blog.

p.p.p.p.s. I just learned the word neologism today, and I really like it, so this was a blatant excuse for me to use it a few more times today.

p.p.p.p.p.s I'm kind of digging all this post, post, post, post, post, script stuff. I know it's annoying, but I don't care!

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Nikki said...

I can't believe that you actually compared yourself with Mr. Rogers.... Actually I can. You're a weirdo! :)