Thursday, January 28, 2010

Speaking of Creepy...

Today while I was perusing WSU's campus newspaper, I came across a strange story. I immediately assumed that it was just another boring "student's aren't getting enough sleep" article...which it was. But then my attention turned to the photo... Does that strike anyone else as being slightly creepy?

What's the deal with sneaking up on someone while they are asleep, and taking pictures of them? I don't want some weirdo taking my picture if I happen to fall asleep in the Union building! How messed up would it be if you occasionally like to catch a quick nap between classes, and then one day you find a semi-undignified photo of yourself in the newspaper? I think this definitely falls under the "bizarre" category.

As I further perused the article, I was struck by a strange realization. Assuming that the photographer has a sense of propriety, and assuming they understand that taking sleeping pictures of people is weird; might they fake the photo by having someone pose as if they were asleep? If this were the case, wouldn't that violate some sort of journalistic integrity?

I'm no journalist, and I don't know what sort of checks and balances exist in the newspaper world, but I have seen enough movies to know that faking your sources is generally frowned upon in that business.

Once the photographer's integrity was brought into question, I came to the conclusion that, creepy or not, the best course of action was to actually sneak a photo of an unsuspecting sleeping person. I just hope that this photographer's lack of shame doesn't extend to hiding in the bushes in a trench coat...

Hey, here's a thought: Since they are already engaged in creepy picture taking, perhaps they should go one step further and take some photos of the people who like to make-out in the Union building! They could do a great article on how much PDA is too much. Seriously, what is with those people?


Kendra said...

that is awesome. maybe they took the picture and then woke up the person to ask them if it was ok? hmmmm. i might be proud of it was me sleeping in the newspaper. ok maybe not. but still pretty funny.

Jessica said...

I once almost threw myself off a bench at BYU because I twitch when I fall asleep, and I jerked so hard I nearly toppled over. Everyone in the hall had a pretty good laugh at my expense. I'm glad no one took a picture of me.