Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sausagefest '93, AKA: UWL Roadtrip...2010

Whenever our team hits the road for an event, it is assumed that craziness will ensue.
I would go so far as to say that many of our previous road trips have been LEGENDARY!
(If you doubt me, just ask anyone on the team to describe the infamous "pool party" of '09.
Yes, I have, I won't post them.)

The following is a brief overview of our most recent trip:

Ah...the usual overnight stay in Vegas.
Sadly, we did not actually get to see any Crazy/Bad Girls...

This one is not so crazy, but it was cool! We went to visit one of our sponsors, Paintball Gateway, and they gave us all awesome shirts! We are huge fans of these guys!

Here we are inside the actual store.

Sausagefest '93 has commenced...

And of course it wouldn't be a Desert Edge road trip without some casual groping...

I'm not sure who added the captions to this cell-phone picture, but I like it!
(Notice my sweet tattoo.)

Anyway, here is the actual reason for the trip...


We got to play against some of the best players in the world and came away with second place in the Open division, second place in Skills division, and a first place win in the Tactical division!
Not too bad at all.


Erica said...

Lol someday Robby, I might ask to see those photos... until then the rendition of the story will just have to warm my memory. I'm glad you had fun this time!

Jayce^ said...

Wish I'd been able to go, but hey, Triad this weekend means another short road trip!