Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Disturbing Dream

Last night I had a dream which disturbed me greatly. I woke up in a state of panic, and was so unnerved that I had trouble getting back to sleep.

I was at a beach, which was strangely vacant. The only other people present were total strangers...and one friend. My friend was pretty far away and seemed uninterested in spending time with me. I felt as though I didn't belong, so I left.
I climbed the steps up the rock wall leading to the parking lot. I had no transportation, so I just wandered around the parking lot for a while.
After some time, I was joined in the parking lot by my friend. Usually I really enjoy talking to this person; this time however, the conversation was one that I have been dreading might happen for real at some point.
I asked a question, which my friend thought about for a moment before answering. The answer was exactly the one I didn't want. I was crushed and humiliated, saddened and panic stricken. I tried to persuade this person otherwise, but it was no use.
I looked to the nearby road, and in a moment of desperation I ran into the middle of it. The moment the truck hit, my dream changed from first person to third person and I saw my body thrown aside.
This was the point at which I woke up. I think this was my first ever "death" dream. I'm slightly concerned about this. Those actions in no way reflect any of my waking thoughts.
Yesterday I did watch a TV show where a guy steps in front of a truck, but in his case the truck stopped. I hope this dream isn't a warning sign of more serious issues.
More than the thought of my demise, the thing which caused me the most distress was the conversation I had with my friend. The results of that discussion are what really terrified me and kept me awake last night.
I can only hope that when this conversation happens for real, the results will be far more satisfactory.
Anyone out there adept at interpreting dreams?


Nikki said...

And I thought I had disturbing dreams. All I can say about it is to not worry about it. Dreams don't usually mean much. It's just your subconscious reacting to stress... or whatever, subconsciously. Don't take it seriously. If I took all my dreams seriously... I'd be insane!
Sorry you had disturbing dreams though. :)

Leon said...

I think that dreams can really mean something. For example, look at the "dreams" and visions that ancient prophets, or even latter-day prophets have had! I also think that for use normal Joes, and I don't mean presume that you don't have visions, but for the rest of us, these dreams probably occur about 1% of the time. Or less. Some people might say that dreams can mean you are thinking about something subconsciously. Although this is true, maybe, I've also heard of men having a dream where they (this is graphic; sorry) kiss another man, and these are men that would never dream of doing that in real life; excuse the pun. I would suggest that most of the time, as Nikki said, dreams are just the random electrical synapses of your subconscious mind releasing energy, etc. But then again, I'm a statistician. I make stuff up. And this is the longest comment I've ever made. I digress.