Monday, December 28, 2009

Beardage, Then and Now.

In order to reaffirm my masculinity, I feel it is important to periodically demonstrate my abilities to grow facial hair. It would seem as though "periodically" happens approximately every three years for me.
The first time I attempted to grow a full beard was immediately following my mission. I was so sick of having to shave every day that I decided to rebel. This first attempt did not go well. I think it only lasted maybe three weeks.
I will spare you any photos of this first attempt, mainly because I'm pretty sure I don't actually have any photos of this first attempt.

The second attempt went much better.

This was three summers ago, and I had the beard for pretty much all of the summer. I spend two months growing it out, then the last month I shaved it off in increments so I could try a few different styles.

I think my most recent attempt at a beard was the best one so far. Each beard seems to come in a little bit thicker than the one before. I was also a bit more meticulous with my trimming this time around.

Despite this beard looking totally rad, I really didn't like it much. Over the years my feelings on shaving have fluctuated quite a lot, but currently I am really excited about the idea. (This is possibly because I've spent a considerable amount of time actually learning how to do it properly, but that is a topic for a future post.) In addition to wanting to shave, I also felt that the beard made me appear older, and slightly more creepy than I would prefer. I figure since I am already freaking out about entering my late twenties, I don't need any help feeling older.

As a present to myself, I decided to shave the beard Christmas morning. Of Course I had to follow my tradition of shaving in increments.
Here is my favorite style:

I know this has a name, but I just like to call it my "Wolverine 'Stache".

Sadly, the beard is no more. I must admit that the last few days I have been suffering from a slight case of beard separation anxiety. It is hard to suddenly destroy something you have worked so hard to build over the course of many weeks. Oh well, I suppose I can always grow another one.

Anyway, to further preserve the memory of this awesome facial stubbery, here is one last picture of me looking slightly weird and angry:

p.s. Bonus points if you can identify the photo behind me. It just happens to be by my favorite photographer of all time.


Leon said...

My stash is getting full and big.

Chess said...

Beards. Staches. Goatees. Ewww.


Robby Spratt said...

Whatever Chess, you're just jealous! ;)

Tenniel Furtaw said...

Is it Ansel Adams? Do I win?

Robby Spratt said...

It is Ansel Adams. Tenniel is the winner! Did you cheat and read my more recent blog post first? Oh well, I figure six months is enough time to wait. Thanks for reading! :)