Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Friday I finished reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I must say that I was extremely impressed by this story.
I already knew Oscar Wilde to be an amazing author because his other famous work, The Importance of Being Ernest, is one of my favorite plays.
Dorian Gray is completely different, but no less amazing. I actually had a difficult time reading Dorian Gray because Oscar Wilde's vocabulary is so immense that I found myself looking up, on average, three words per page. I actually bought a small dictionary to keep with me whenever I was reading this book.
Dorian Gray was a little slow to get going, and it took sort of a boring turn in the middle, but the last third of the novel was very impressive.
The character of Dorian Gray truly is one of the greatest, and most evil villains to ever grace the printed page. As the reader you are both disgusted by him, and fascinated by him. You wonder if he could possibly become more evil, and then he proves that he can. Despite all this, you also hope that somehow he may realize the error of his ways and find redemption.
The last third of the novel really was my favorite. It was thrilling, suspenseful, hopeful, disturbing, shocking, truly terrifying, and immensely satisfying.
I am always nervous when I approach the final pages of a book and there is no clear resolution in sight. This was the case with Dorian Gray. Even up to the last two pages it seemed as though a proper end could not possibly be achieved, but in Oscar Wilde's genius he manages to produce a surprisingly satisfying conclusion in the last few paragraphs of the story.
My initial reaction after finishing a book is always a good overview of what I thought of the book as a whole. After completing The Picture of Dorian Gray, I closed the book, sighed in satisfaction, and verbally declared, "That was very good."


Levi Dean said...

I bought this book this weekend based upon your recommendations. It better be good.

Robby Spratt said...

Well I thought it was good. Perhaps I should end all my book reviews like LeVar Burton..."but don't take my word for it."