Monday, October 26, 2009

What Can You Do?

All over the world there are rude people, mean people, angry people, bad people. We run into them every day, but I hope that their influence is largely insignificant. Every once in a while something happens that makes you examine people, the world, and yourself.
Today I saw a woman of exceptional beauty. Seriously she was breathtaking. I don't say this flippantly, or with any disrespect. She was honestly and genuinely beautiful.
Shortly after noticing this woman, I was dismayed by the underwhelming example of the man she was with. He let loose a harsh string of verbal abuse. I feel sorry that this woman was forced to endure such treatment from her would-be companion. Instead of appearing hurt, she seemed to take it all in as if she were used to this sort of thing. I wondered what would keep her linked to such a colossal douche-bag.
Being a text book "nice guy" I was immediately overcome by a desire to console her and try to make her feel better about herself. This desire was also accompanied simultaneously by a more manly need to beat the guy to a pulp. I'm not a violent person, nor am I quick to anger, but I've never wanted to mangle someone so badly in all my life. He was a scrawny, perma-stoned, pathetic excuse for a man. I'm sure that with my decent level of physical fitness, and my three years of boxing club participation, I could have made quick work of it too.
Obviously it would not be appropriate for me to perform either task, so I ask the question, what can you do in such a situation?
I submit that when we encounter appalling examples of sub-human behavior, that we first commit to ourselves to never treat anyone in such a way; and if we find that we ever have thoughts bordering on this kind of meanness, that we do all that is possible to eradicate them.
Second, I think we should determine to raise our children knowing what it is to be loved and appreciated, so that they in turn will love and appreciate others.
I don't know if there is an immediate quick fix for this sort of thing, but I hope we will all do our part to protect our own families from this sort of thing. Everyone deserves to be with someone who loves them.

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