Monday, October 26, 2009

A "Little" Bit Flaky

So I have decided to expand the scope of this blog to include stories of failed romantic endeavors. I have had many such experiences, so this is a well of potential blog entries which will not be running dry any time soon.
For my first voyage into this plentiful realm I am going back three years to a time of confusion, frustration, and shattered dreams.
It was the first day of a new semester and I went to class full of hope and confidence that this year things would be different. I should probably clarify by saying that by "different" I mean successful in the girl department.
I walk into the class room, and find that it is already very full and only a few seats remain. I quickly scan the room and spot a vacant seat near the front, right behind a very cute girl. I take the seat eagerly.
After the class is over, I start packing up my things when, to my surprise, the very cute girl turns around and introduces herself. It was refreshing to meet someone so outgoing and friendly on the first day of class.
As we were leaving the classroom we actually began a conversation! When does this happen? If you are me, practically never.
It turned out that we were going the same direction for our next class, so we walked and talked the whole way there. Needless to say, things were off to a great start.
The next day of class I sat by her again, and once again after class we talked the whole way to our next class.
As I said before, I went into the new semester full of confidence, so before we went our separate ways, I mustered up some additional courage and asked her out. She seemed excited and pleased that I had invited her to have dinner with me, but unfortunately she was going to be out of town that weekend. She suggested we go the following weekend. Even more unfortunate was the fact that the following weekend I would be out of town myself. Despite not being able to set a date immediately, we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to keep in touch and make plans sometime in the near future.
After that first week we exchanged a few text messages, and continued our usual after-class-socializing. The third week of class I was looking forward to seeing her so we could finally make some plans. This is where things started to get weird. She wasn't in class all that week. She was also gone the following week. I tried to call her once, and I think I sent her a text message, but didn't get a response from either. When she finally returned, all was quickly forgiven when she explained that she had missed class to participate in some sort of beauty contest. Seeing that she was just as friendly as always, I am now thinking to myself how awesome it would be to date a girl that had won a beauty contest.
With renewed vigor, I resumed my attempts to take her on a date. Discouragingly, the trend of always being busy continued. At one point I even called her up to suggest a midweek dinner date since weekends were always so bad...she had to write a paper for one of her classes.
We are now well into the second month of the semester and her unusual behavior continues. She would frequently miss class, or come in late thus limiting our usual socializing. Whenever we did manage to chat, she was always friendly, flirty, and fun to talk to. Despite the appearance of being interested, she was always busy. Each time the topic of our long-awaited date came up, she would apologize for being so busy, promise me that she still wanted to go out sometime, and then give an excuse for why she couldn't that week. By now I am starting to feel like she is dragging me along on some sort of wild goose chase, but I am still determined.
Following an unusually lengthy absence in the third month of the semester, I noticed something different about her when she returned to class. She had a ring on her left hand. Let me say that again...A RING ON HER LEFT HAND! Throughout that entire class period I was trying to get a good look at the ring. It definitely looked like a costly ring, but not like a typical engagement ring. It lacked the traditional single diamond solitaire, and instead had lots of little diamonds all around the band. It was definitely nice enough to be an engagement ring, but I speculated that perhaps it was just a really nice birthday present from a family member. I admit that in my desperation I had turned to creating false hopes.
After class that day I decided it was time to be more direct. Before we went our separate ways, I asked her if she still wanted to make plans and go out, or if we should just forget about the idea. She assured me that she still wanted to go out, but she would have to let me know when she was free. I looked at her...I looked down at the ring...I looked back up at her and I then agreed to wait for her to let me know.
A few more weeks of diminished dialogue went by, when one day I came to class about 30 minutes late. This was the sort of class where the teacher would begin each day by asking if any of the student had any news to share with the class. Because had been late, I had missed any potentially important news. Throughout the remainder of the class period, it seemed as though attention and discussion was focused more than usual on the elusive girl sitting next to me. At one point the teacher even referred to her "big plans." My mind was running wild with speculation, but of course I already knew what was going on; I just hadn't actually heard it from her mouth yet. After class while I was walking her to her next class I kept trying to draw out a confession. I would ask loaded questions such as, "So, is there anything new and exciting going on in your life?"
"Do you have any big plans coming up?"
"Do you know where you will be next semester?"
With impressively vague agility she expertly dodged all of my leading questions.
After we parted ways, in my desperation I went right back to the building we had just come from and paid our teacher a visit in his office. Awkwardly I asked him if earlier I had missed an announcement from the girl in question. He confirmed my suspicions that she was engaged. Finally someone had actually given me a straight answer! I was simultaneously relieved, and enraged. I just couldn't believe that she had led me on for so long, and that even after her fate was finalized, she still hadn't come clean! That weekend I went out of town with a bus load of friends, and the 20 hour drive both ways gave me plenty of time to reflect. I decided that I had put up with this girl long enough and that I wasn't going to put forth any more effort on her behalf.
After that day I didn't attempt to talk to her again, and as a result, the day of her in-class announcement was the last time we spoke.
I've put up with a lot of rejection and strange excuses over the years, but this has got to be the worst of them all. I can deal with rejection, but leading someone on for so long is just deceitful and mean. Give it to me straight ladies! I can handle it!

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